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Bose Car Speakers

Updated on May 31, 2010

Should I Buy Bose Car Speakers?

The Bose car speakers have a high budget sound while the price of the speakers is more in the middle range. Not to say that these are the cheapest speakers on the market, but they are among the best in their class. This is the brand that has been installed in luxury cars by the factory since 1982. You won't be uninspired by the quality you find in Bose car speakers.

Keep in mind though, if you buy a Bose car speaker you will have to purchase an amplifier seperately. But for a high quality speaker and amplifier, from say Mcintosh, you will be paying a considerable amount of money.

The reason people love their Bose car speakers is because of the live performance quality they are known for. Dr. Bose was an electrical engineer who designed all the initial Bose technologies, like the 901 Reflecting Speaker for instance. He designed it not just from an engineer's perspective, but perhaps more importantly from the perspective of a driver who wanted a better audio experience. The Bose car speakers are top of the line for a standard average price.

Go to my website for my full investigation of Bose Car Speakers. On the site I look at the sound through audio and video.

High Points Bose History

Bose has a history of innovation and high-quality. So it is no wonder that the Bose story is full of excitement and state-of-the art technology.

  • 1964 Birth- The Bose name is born when the company is established by a disgruntled driver who is sick and tired of having a crappy music experience in his car.
  • 1968 901 Reflecting Speaker- This invention is the one that made Bose famous and successful and rich. His goal was to recreate the live performance sound.
  • 1972 Pro Loudspeakers- These were designed for commercial use. Musicians and other stage performers were Bose's customers for the Pro Loudspeakers.
  • 1982 Bose Car Speakers- This is where it all started for Bose car speakers. The first models were installed by the factory in various brands and models of cars. Each car had a slightly different installation style so all the systems were custom built into the cars.
  • 1987 Inventor of the Year- Dr. Bose won quite an award in 1987: Inventor of the Year. Not too bad for a man who merely scratched his own itch, albeit in a serious way.
  • 1990 Bose Home Entertainment- This home entertainment system really was compact. Their size was small and each unit had a storage for music or movies.
  • 2003 Surround Sound- Bose brought surround system technology to the road. Now you could hear your trashy music from any seat as if you were in the concert hall.


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This is a really excellent hub on buying Bose car speakers. Bose are the best speakers in the world till date.