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Bose outdoor speakers

Updated on August 23, 2009

Many people consider the music that they enjoy as being the soundtrack to their lives; this is evidenced by the amount of people at the moment who wear their iPods everywhere they go. If you are relaxing in the yard or by the pool with your family an iPod is not the most sociable way of listening to music and that is where Bose outdoor speakers come in.

Most people adorn the interior of their homes with a sound system or home theatre to provide background music during the day and dance music for special evenings, however it seems that the same considerations are rarely made for outdoor living areas. One reason that outdoor living areas generally don’t have speakers is that in the past speakers would start popping when even the smallest amount of rain got into them. Bose outdoor speakers use materials which are impervious to the rain in their construction to solve this problem.  Another problem which is solved by the cleaver construction of Bose speakers is the ability to full an area with sound. Because the sound output of the Bose outdoor speakers is multidirectional, and in the case of the Free Space 51 speakers omnidirectional, the sound from the speakers full’s an area creating many sweet spots in a 2 or four speaker setup.

The multidirectional nature of the speakers also means that the sound produced carries a good distance before fading, which means that the same level of volume will be heard whether you are standing right next to the speaker or 10 yards away.

The most popular speaker in the Bose outdoor range is the 251 Environmental speaker pictured on the right, as you can see the speaker is designed in a curved shape which projects sound in many different directions. The speaker has a fixing point near the top back where the speakers can be easily attached to a hanging bracket.

One of the more interesting speakers in the Bose outdoor range is the Free Space 51 pictured here on the right. The Free Space 51 sits in the ground generally with the cables running to it being buried underground and coming up through the base. These speakers produce a lot sound and are often used at large outdoor conferences and weddings, as mentioned earlier the sound that these speakers produce is omnidirictional and as such it has similar properties to that produced by the Bose 251 Environmental speakers.


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