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BoxWave Capacitive Stylus makes iPad better than Paper Notepads

Updated on March 12, 2011


A Capacitive Touchscreen does not require pressure to work and responds to the lighter touch of your fingertip instead of a stylus. The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are perfect examples as well as many other touchscreen Smartphones. A Resistive touchscreen responds to pressure so using a stylus is required to complete the connection between the multiple layers making up the screen.  Devices most likely to have a resistive Touchscreen are some cell phones from Nokia, Samsung, HTC and devices used in rugged environments. Laptop and Tablet PCs used for workers in the field often have a Resistive Touchscreen and will require a stylus to use them.


However, there are many instances that a stylus is very helpful with a Capacitive Touchscreen. The stylus will be much different than those used on a Resistive Touchscreen. The tip is soft and round versus pointed and firm. The soft rounded tip of the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus is convenient for those with long fingernails and gloves do not have to be removed in cold weather.

The BoxWave iPad Stylus will work on any Capacitive Touchscreen. It is shaped like an ink pen and even includes a clip like an ordinary ink pen. Keeping up with the BoxWave Stylus should not be any more difficult that keeping up with an ink pen. There is a short string that is meant to attach it to your device – but it is rather short if you use an iPad.  There are four colors available – silver, black, blue and red.

Using the BoxWave iPad Stylus does not limit you to tapping letters on the on-screen keyboard or opening an App. With handwriting Apps downloaded to your device the BoxWave Stylus helps you write notes and draw pictures. Maybe it is time to leave the yellow note pad at home or back at the office. Notes taken on an iPad or iPhone can be digitally organized, emailed and saved for later use. Finding your notes at a later date is as simple as typing in a search term and touching the “find” button.   



At the price of about $15 the BoxWave iPad Stylus is affordable. I think having one at home, one in my bag, and another at work is the perfect way to always have one handy. Giving the BoxWave iPad Stylus as a gift is very doable. Those office parties that limit the amount of money spent on gifts require a lot of thought and often the gift is not cherished. One of my favorite (and most fought over) White Elephant gift is a beaded letter opener. A BoxWave iPad Stylus could be the new most fought over gift at your next party.  


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 7 years ago from USA

      Hi Tim,

      The BoxWave stylus has a rubber tip because a hard tip stylus will not work on a Capacitive Touchscreen (does not require pressure).

      A Resistive Touchscreen works with a hard tipped stylus (requires some pressure).

    • profile image

      Tim van Broekhoven 7 years ago

      Hi, I have a question. Is this stylus also usable with a resistive screen? Because I like the looks of this stylus. Is the rubber tip not a drawback for the efficiency?