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Boxee Box Video Review

Updated on June 26, 2011

What does the Boxee Box do?

The Boxee Box is a set top box that conects to the internet and hooks up to your tv giving you many programing choices.  The Boxee Box aggregates free content from legal sources to give you choice in tv shows, movies etc.  The Boxee Box also organizes any media that you may have on your pc as well then it itemizes the content.  All content is then put into an organized menu for you to choose from.  The Boxee Box retails for $199 and you can buy it at Amazon.  Check out some video reviews below to see what this is all about. 

What is a Boxee Box?

Pros and Cons of the Boxee Box

The remote control has a full qwerty keypad which makes it easier to navigate and less time consuming especially when you are doing a search for content.

- Full high definition 1080p 24fps gives you a great picture when viewing your content.

- There are hundreds of different apps to choose from.

- The boxee box is very quiet, you won't even know that it is on.

- 1gb ram plus 1gb internal storage gives you plenty of space.

- No monthly fees, essentially you just need to purchase the boxee box and away you go.-


- It takes about a minute to boot up, which is not bad however some folks consider this to be too long.

- The stand by mode is inefficient and uses a great deal of energy.

- The remote control uses one kind of battery that is specific to the device, so hopefully it lasts a long time.

- The boxee box retails at about $200 this could be seen as a pro or a con depending on how much you want to spend to watch tv. Personally I think it is a great price for what you get.

Boxee Box in Canada

There is a lot of content that Canadians cannot get online, don't be surprised when you try to access Hulu and you get a message saying you cannot view the content from your geographical area.  No worries there are ways around this, one way you can sign up on a VPN or Virtual Private Network.  This allows you to access this content because it wil show a U.S. ip address because you are getting the content through a VPN located in the United States.  There are plenty of VPN's out there and they do not cost much (probably about $5 per month)  There are some free VPNs however they are really slow and have tonnes of ads.  Don't cheap out, just pay the $5.

Boxee Box Demo

Boxee Box Specifications

The Boxee Box now has an Intel Atom processor inside, previously they were originally supposed to have the Nvidia Tegra. The box has several ports, optical digital audio, 2 usb ports, HDMI out, ethernet port as well as 802.11n wireless, AC power connector and an SD card slot if you want to add your own content. All this fits into a very stylish and simple looking box.

The Boxee Box Remote

The remote for the boxee box seems very simple with a directional pad and a button in the middle, however on the other side it features a full keyboard making this a great feature especially if you are doing a search online.  This speeds up the process of search and makes it very convenient for the user.

Boxee Box Remote

What do you watch your TV with?

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