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Brighthouse vs Verizon FiOS

Updated on February 25, 2014

Brighthouse is one of the big cable television companies in America today. With almost 3 million customers spread across 8 states, they provide broadband, cable, and phone service to a large segment of the American population. Verizon is a giant telecommunications company, with their wireless service being their main product. But they are also now in the video business, offering cable channels through their FiOS TV brand. Lets look at what these companies have to offer.

FIOS vs Brighthouse

When considering these to companies, its good to know the technology used by each. Brighthouse is a traditional cable television operator, using a coaxial cable network. Verizon is building a last mile fiber network to each home and business served by the FiOS product. This gives an almost immediate advantage to Verizon over Brighthouse, as they can really push huge amounts of data to the customer using fiber optics.

FiOS offers three different packages when it comes to the TV portion of the bundle. These range in price from $64.99 to $89.99 monthly if purchased alone. Most subscribers will probably want to consider a double or triple play pacakge, which start at $79.99 monthly. As you can see, by paying only $15 more per month, you can add an internet or home phone like to your FiOS service.

Brighthouse keeps is fairly simple, offering just two video packages. Standard cable offers around 70 channels while the digital TV offers more than 200. Again you will probably be better off combining your cable television service with Brighthouse internet or phone to get a better overall deal.

Comparing Verizon and BrightHouse Internet

Both Brighthouse and Verizon want to sign you up for multiple services, it generates customer loyalty in the long run, so you generally are given a discounted price if you bundle.

FiOS internet service offers you some of the top speeds available, with the slowest speed being 15 Mbps downstream. Most areas have at least 50 Mbps, and with their Quantum internet tier you can go all the way up to 300 Mbps! Unfortunately, you will pay quite a bit for these speeds - about $200 a month.

Bright House also offers robust internet speeds, with 30 Mbps being the standard offer. They also offer a Lightning Fast internet product for another $15 a month. But if you want the most speed for your money, FiOS is going to offer you a little more.

Triple Play Package - FiOS or Bright House?

If you are shopping these companies, take a close look at their triple play packages. Not only will you save money in the long run, you will also only have one company to deal with for technical support, billing and service issues.

FiOS triple play packages start at around $80 if you sign a two year contract. The price will be locked in for the first 24 months, and then will revert to normal prices.

Brighthouse offers a triple play for around $107 for the first year. No contract is required, and after that you will pay normal rates. Both of these deals add in an unlimited use home phone line along with cable and internet service. Calling features are also included in the price.

DVR Options

Finally, keep in mind that there will be added charges for things like a digital video recorder. These handy devices allow you to record and playback content on your schedule - saving you hours each month if you skip through the commercials.

New, whole home and multi-room models are the latest trend. But they also come at a higher monthly cost. Expect to pay around $20 a month for a DVR that can be used at multiple locations in your home.

Cable or Telco TV?

Do you prefer Brighthouse cable or Verizon FiOS?

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