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Broadband Speed Test | Know your Internet Speed for Free

Updated on August 21, 2012

Test your broadband connection speed for free. How fast is your internet? Can you download and upload in seconds? Can you watch videos online without hassle? Test your speed now.

If you’re one of those broadband subscribers, you definitely have the fastest internet connection out there. Having a fast broadband and internet connection will give you the pleasure of surfing the world wide web the quickest way in the current hi tech world. The internet and the web is fast improving and developing. Once upon a time, we only browsed the web using dial up and we were so happy already enjoying surfing and browsing further in kilobytes per seconds. And then the DSL and broadband came along. Online digital computing has never been so fast. With 1mbps to 2 mbps you can watch a whole film in youtube without distractions or whatsoever. Higher than that speed, you’ll enjoy downloading videos, mp3, and uploading your latest pictures in facebook at the same time. lol Wifi is another awesome way to access the internet. I bet countries will have free wifi zone someday. Back to the fast broadband…you know it when your broadband is fast, you just know it coz you’re happy and stress free. And you know it too when your broadband is slow coz obviously it just is.

And yes it’s normal that one day everything just sucks. Crappy internet connection! One day you just can’t watch the Pretty Reckless and download your latest favorite song. Obviously something is wrong with your lovely broadband and ISP server. Whatever it is, you need to look at your speedometer just like what you do when you drive your car. You ought to know your internet connection speed. Test your broadband. Have a speed test for free. Hey, not just any speedtest, have a reliable one, like the most accurate broadband speed tester, ok. Have a reliable broadband speed test for free by going to My lovely girlfriend sent that link to me. Thanks Angel. You always know the best. is the best site to test your internet connection speed. Ookla provides their service for free. You can test the overall quality and performance of your internet connection by testing your broadband download speed, upload speed and ping test. Whether you test just for fun or you really need to certify and validate the true speed of your internet connectivity. By the way, you can check your speed results and the world results. South Korea tops the fastest in the record. You can also use this speed test to test your mobile’s wifi and 3g performance.

My is also powered by Ookla. In case you wanna try to test your internet connection here, this is the link. Know your net metrics and try their speed test.

McAfee speedometer helps too. It’s free and it works fast. You can have your speed test by going to this link. Whatever the device or technology you're using to surf the internet, they will provide you the speed of your web connection.

How fast is your download speed?

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How fast is your upload speed?

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By the way, a unique broadband speed tester is given to me by my cool friend Astra Nomik. It’s really nothing compared to comcast, verizon, or any other fast internet or speed test site out there. Really useful like Was surprised it actually measures and tests any broadband bandwidth. Just not sure if it could test broadband speed by country. Hey Astra! Thanks for the link. Really beyond acceleration.

Anyway, why don’t you just boost up your computer speed and performance by following these useful tips, Speed up your Computer or Laptop. It’s one huge help. Who knows, your broadband is not the problem, it’s just your computer…so slow. Speeding up your computer can save you a lot of time doing that broadband speed test. Speed starts from within right?

Another way to speed up your internet connection is having a faster browser. Why don’t you download the latest version of Google Chrome and experience the simplest and fastest browsing experience ever. I left my fox rest for a while and hunt in the woods.

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    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      wow, thank you for the link :)

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      henry masebat 6 years ago

      its ok its normal fast than other smart bro user

    • jacques.gim profile image

      jacques.gim 6 years ago from Lancashire

      This site is good to know I realise now I can't complain with the speed of my broadband I maybe need to invest in a new computor.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing that RichPt :)

    • RichPt profile image

      RichPt 6 years ago

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      Pleasure Justom :) Join the poll. Peace!

    • justom profile image

      justom 6 years ago from 41042

      Great hub, I'm going to try this. I had no clue about this so thanks for today's lesson! Peace!! Tom