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Bud Light Playbook

Updated on August 19, 2011

Bud Light Playbook

Sticky hands
Sticky hands | Source

Bud Light Has Once Again Picked a Winner with the Playbook

If you have been watching football on the weekend, I am sure you noticed the Bud Light Playbook commercials. These ads are humorous collection of average fans that will not stop at anything to have the taste of cold fresh Bud Light. The ads feature a rather well-known coach, Apollo Creed, actually, I referring to Carl Weathers. Anheuser - Busch / InBev has one of the best marketing teams and knows how to showcase their products. They have created some of the best campaigns in the advertising industry. Sit back and enjoy the ads. I know you will love them.  I sure do. Do not forget to vote for your favorite ad.

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Ultimate Tailgate

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Working the Weekend


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    • bogerk profile image

      bogerk 7 years ago from Midwest

      I kind of like the "Girlies" one where the guys are trying to spell "Grizzlies" but the two with "Z" on their chest go off to get beer.

      Good stuff, although I am a Miller man.