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Unable to load complete youTube video? Change flash player setting to buffer full youtube video...

Updated on August 20, 2013

What is buffering..

Buffering is getting more data from the source into a local temporary storage for later use.

All online video streaming sites including youTube need to keep some of the video data in the video player's local buffer.

Adobe flash player recent version has new feature to set the size limit on the memory used for local buffer.

Adobe flash player setting..

Adobe flash player buffer setting
Adobe flash player buffer setting | Source

What is the issue with Youtube

When this set to none/less than 10KB you are not allowing any excess buffer than currently played video frame and audio frame.

This makes seeking back and forth impossible as you don't have that information in your local buffer. Above snapshot shows where this setting lies.

So when you are playing something on youTube , you might see that the video does not load completely or you might not be able to go forward or backwards on the timeline.

This could be because you memory size for local buffer is set to low or none as shown in above snapshot.

So change this to an adequate limit such as 10 MB which is sufficient for small videos and seamless play.

Changing the buffer size to 10 MB
Changing the buffer size to 10 MB | Source

What if i'm watching a long video or a movie..

Setting buffer size to 10 MB may not be enough in case you are watching a longe video like a movie. If you watch movies often then set the buffer size to "unlimited" which lets the website(youTube) to buffer and store whole video on your computer.

Setting buffer size to unlimited
Setting buffer size to unlimited | Source

Couple of things to remember

* Do not check the never ask again button.

* This setting is per website, so if you watch online video streaming of any other website such as Vimeo, you have to configure settings on the player on that website too.

* This setting is saved into flash player options so you need not reconfigure every time.

*If you have limits on the downloadable data size by your service provider then i recommend you set not more than 10 MB

NOTE: Please write in comments whether this solved the issue or not. It worked for me but some people said it did not work for them. If it does not work as expected then i'll delete this hub.


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    • thehelios profile image

      Ravikumar 4 years ago from India

      Worked for me

    • profile image

      crapadvice 4 years ago

      absolute bollocks ...that setting has really nothing to do at all with buffering streaming content.

    • profile image

      Alak 4 years ago

      How to do the same thing in html5 player?

      Thanks in advance.)

    • profile image

      pablo 4 years ago

      nada que ver..

    • profile image

      Completely Wrong 4 years ago

      This setting is not used for buffering