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Build Nokia Lumia 920 Updates And other Updates

Updated on June 19, 2013

Portico Update Lumia 920

The Portico Update for the Nokia Lumia 920 "Build" Developers units like I have, are not on the same schedule as the rest of the world. Developers that have the phones who are "Developing" for the Windows Phone 8 platform, should have access to the update right away to work out any kinks that may occur when developing apps for the device, and the Windows Phone 8 Platform.

This Hub will be short, because unfortunately, per comments listed on Nokia's own forums, the Portico Update for the Build Phones are not in the pipeline to be updated first, second or even third. Sometime towards the beginning of this year we Build owners will get the update. Do know the beginning of the year, in business terms is usually the first 3-4 months of a the year. So its January as of this writing, soon to be February, and before you know it we will have the update. This process maybe new for Nokia, especially when it comes to a new OS like WinPhone 8. Its a learning process for everybody involved. The phone is still a great device. I will post on here more info, when I get it, and let you know if and when I get my own update.

Make sure you have your device set up to alert you of the update. I use Solavei for my provider, so I am prepay. I wonder if that matters at all, but it shouldn't, but I am sure it does.

If you have a ATT Model, or a Rogers Canadian Model, in Canada, you should of already received this update.

  • The 'Portico' update (1232.5951.1249.0001) (AT&T) and Canada (Rogers) have been able to update their phones


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