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Build Titanium Mobile Apps using Cross Platform Technology

Updated on June 6, 2012

Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium is an open source framework for developing native mobile applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript for iOS and Android devices.

Techday7 Titanium Workshop

One way to take advantage of the mobile trends is to seek the advice of experts in mobile technology. Fortunately, Techday7 is offering an unique workshop intended to equip developers with everything related to the mobile landscape and make them equip themselves to design, develop, and deploy mobile applications for the major mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, which are the top two smartphone OSes for mobile developers today to exploit. The workshop is conducted by eminent experts in Titanium development and cross platform technology which aimed at helping mobile developers to learn about tried and tested practices in Titanium, Application architecture, cross platform technology, and understand the process of developing a Mobile Application using Titanium Mobile for iOS and Android devices.

At the end of the workshop, developers will have a chance for a coding session, review, question & answers, which expresses your proficiency with Titanium to the mobile and developer communities.

Mobile World

The mobile world is exploding and enterprises are compelled to adapt to the rapid changes in Mobile technology otherwise they have to perish and can't survive in this competitive business environment. According to Q1 2012 IDG survey, 71% of IT business leaders consider mobile as revolutionary, strategic or transforming and yet 50% of enterprises don't have a mobile workforce entirely. So here an opportunity for developers to make a paradigm shift to everything mobile. This will ensure that they learn the nuances of mobile apps development and stay ahead of the competition.

Techday7 Titanium Workshop at IITM Research Park, Chennai, India

A markerIITM Research Park, Chennai -
MGR Film City Rd, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Introduction to Titanium development


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