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Building a website from scratch using x5 evolution

Updated on August 7, 2013
X5 Evolution 10 Website Building Software
X5 Evolution 10 Website Building Software

Are you a person looking to create a website, are a sole trader or a multinational business considering building a website. Having a presence on the internet is now almost an indispensable part of running a business.

You don’t have to sell any products directly online; a website can still be used as a platform to showcase your products, services and skills. A web presence helps people (perspective customers) locate your business premises or identify you as an individual offering a service of some kind.

There are many ways to building a website from scratch, you could pay someone to design and create a website for you, you could turn to some online platforms that provide design, build and hosting services for a monthly fee or you could turn to easy web design software that allow you to create a website with no coding required. You will find many website editing software packages around that allow you very quickly design, create and host your own website at a fraction of the cost.

In this hub I want to discuss website x5 evolution 10, I recently took on a project to develop a website for someone, they wanted an easy web design software that allowed them to control the design, easily create the content and be able to update and modify as required with having to learn too many technical skills – they said ‘We don’t have the time to learn any computing…”

You can get your X5 evolution website building software here...

WebSite X5 Evolution 10 [Download]
WebSite X5 Evolution 10 [Download]

This is the ideal website building software for novice users. It has got everything you need to produce stunning professional websites. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use!

WebSite X5 requires no programming skills all you need is a mouse!


Why website x5 evolution 10

As I mentioned above there are so many different packages out there, that it becomes difficult to select that one which will be the best investment for a small business user or an individual. I usually recommend to people to use Blogger to setup a simple website, sometimes that is not suitable which is why I decided to use x5 evolution 10 to start building a website.

If you want to take a little bit more control over the design process of your new website then you'll need a package that you can install on your PC, this is where website editing software like x5 evolution can be used. It gives you the flexibility to design, create and preview the site offline and when ready then upload to your host server.

The disadvantage over creating a simple website using blogger is that you will incur hosting and domain costs in addition to buying the software. Sometimes this could be a small price to pay for having a unique website with freedom to change and update as you like.

Building a Website in 5 easy Steps

WebSite x5 Evolution 10 is the perfect site editing software for creating a unique websites. The x5 secret is that you need no programming skills and the design process is simple select and click, all you will need is a mouse!

You start your design and build work with an intuitive visual interface, and it takes a few clicks to create web pages using pre-set web page templates, create product lists, put up blogs, insert contact forms, put together photo galleries or any other content audio or visual media, have them all up and running in a short space of time. The x5 evolution website editing software takes care of all the technical aspects, ensuring your websites are optimized for search engines; the result is a fully compatible website with all the major browsers and can also be used on tablets and smartphones.

In the table below I provide some brief details as to why I used x5 evolution 10 in building a website for my friend:

X5 Evolution Review
X5 Evolution Review

The above table lists my observation of the X5 Evolution while I used it to produce my friends website. I found it very easy to install and within few hours was able to put together the basic structure to the website I was building.

Within few days the website was completed with all content. If you are looking to create your own website then tools like this are indispensable.

Overall I think X5 Evolution 10

You can use the software to build anything from a blog or a single page site to an online store. Website X5 Evolution will get you up and running using the five steps. The steps are, to an extent prescribed although there are 1500 free templates to choose from and there are sufficient options to create a distinctive individual look.

Additionally, there are many customisable options which you can use. You can also set up an online store with credit card payment facilities using PayPal, blogs, guest books and RSS feeds etc. The X5 programme generates HTML 5 code; luckily you don’t have to worry about anything related to the coding. It also creates websites optimised for tablets and smartphones. Overall, the results I had from using the website building tool look much more professional than I expected and my friend was very pleased with the results, using the Step-by-Step user guide I created for her she can now upload her own information and maintain her website with fresh content.

In summary X5 Evolution website building software, is a versatile, user-friendly package for the novice website developer or keen web enthusiast it produces good quality results. A short amount of time invested wisely in the design and build process will give you good quality results at an affordable price. Recommended!


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