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Updated on July 3, 2013

When I first logged onto website I was a bit confused. I really was not sure what exactly this website was all about. From the looks of it, the website could have been about just about anything. Possibly some type of a political website for a third world country.

The design of the website is rather shabby. It is not attractive at all. It is tough to know what to do here. Well, I have decided to browse through the website and find out more information. Upon doing more research I found out that bursaries are actually scholarships in South Africa. I guess this website must be getting a lot of traffic from that part of the world. It seems that most of the website is dealing with helping people apply for these scholarships.

This website also features a variety of internships that students can apply for. The application process seems to be difficult. You are taken to some portal outside the website where you have to create a profile. The whole website has a very sketchy feel to it. I would almost be scared to provide my personal information there considering that this could be someone in South Africa trying to steal personal information for their own financial gain. Mind you there is no actual contact information for the owners of this website. It seems that internships are called learnerships. This is not even an actual word in the English language. Unless people in South Africa invented their own English.

It seems that the website has a pretty active Facebook page which makes it seem like less of a scam. However, some people on the Facebook page do ask whether the whole thing is a scam or not. At this point it is not possible to tell. It seems that the owners of the website are making a profit from AdSense. Although, it cannot be much because the advertisements are not displayed in the most attractive manner. I guess if you are someone just browsing through the website, you might click one or two advertisements by accident.


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