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Bushnell Backtrack GPS - Go Where You Want Find Your Way Back

Updated on September 20, 2011

A Bushnell Backtrack is a GPS device but not the kind that tells you how to get to somewhere – it tells you how to get back to somewhere. Not to confuse the issue it may be best to think of the Backtrack as a combination between a GPS and compass.

What does the Backtrack Do?

The Backtrack memorizes up to three locations – or in techie talk – waypoints. One small symbol that shows up on the screen is a house. The second symbol is a car. The third symbol is a star. You can set the star to be any location that you wish.

How does the Backtrack Work?

Standing outside of your home, car or other location you want the Backtrack to remember. Push the on button on the Backtrack. After a short period of time the Backtrack will locate the satellite with its SIRF Star III technology. Set the location and tuck the Backtrack into a purse or bag. A lanyard is included so if you prefer to hang it around your neck you can.

Walk into the mall, hike the trail through the woods, boat across the lake or mark a meeting place to meet up with friends or family in a crowd. When it is time to make your way back just tell the Backtrack where you want to go. Choose the appropriate symbol and the arrow will point right where you need to go. You will also see how many feet you are away from your destination. In fact, you could be nearly a thousand miles away and the Bushnell Backtrack would guide you back.

Is the Backtrack for Everyone?

The Backtrack is an easy to understand and easy to use device. Children can use it and the elderly can use it. Anyone in between will love to use it as well.

Hunters will like the Backtrack to find their favorite spot to set up a stand, shoppers will like it to find their car at the mall, kids will like it to find their way back to the family meeting place and the elderly will like it to feel confident while site seeing.

There is a pink Bushnell Backtrack for the girlie types. There is a camo Bushnell Backtrack the macho types. Tech gray and gray/orange should satisfy anyone in between.

Similar Item

Another similar item that you might like is the Ecco Keychain GPS. It is shaped different. The Backtrack looks like a stop watch and the Ecco looks like a key fob. They both work very similarly and both will get you back to where you started out.


The Bushnell Backtrack does the job that it was designed to do. It lets you mark the spot whether it be your car, your home or one other location of your choice. It does not work inside of homes, buildings or parking garages – it needs to be outside where it can find a satellite. When you want to return to the spot the Backtrack will point the way while showing how far you have to go.

It operates on 4 AAA batteries. The Backtrack can be turned off while not in use – when turned back on it will again show you what direction to go in order to get back to your starting location.


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    • bobbytnr profile image

      bobbytnr 8 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      that's cool. thanks for sharing.