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Download Business Apps For Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iOS

Updated on December 27, 2014
Note Plus for Windows Phone
Note Plus for Windows Phone

Note Plus

This useful app from Dream Matrix is designed to let you make notes and reminders on your Windows Phone. Standout features include support for SkyDrive syncing and recovery so you’ll never lose your notes, the ability to set the app’s built-in password protection to add a new layer of security, and multiple interface skins to keep the app feeling fresh. The latest version of Note Plus also allows you to put notes into categories, which makes managing a lot of notes a much more intuitive experience.

Sale Calculator

Have you ever been shopping and wondered just how much an article of clothing or other item would cost after a percentage off was applied? With Sale Calculator, you can input the item’s original price, add the discount percentage, and then see how much you’re actually saving. This app is useful for shoppers or businesses trying to determine how much they can save on markdown merchandise. The ad-supported app also lets you remove the ads by giving the app a rating on the Windows App Store.


Notifications are one of your smartphone’s best features, but Liquid Daffodil’s Unification takes these handy messages to the next level. The app’s Notification Center collects messages from multiple Windows based platforms, including Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 (tablet, notebook, and PC). The app encrypts your messages to keep them safe and lets you remove old notifications either oneat- a-time or by selecting multiple notifications and removing them with the tap of a button. Unification can tap into a growing list of other apps, so keep checking for updates.

Audio Memos for iOS
Audio Memos for iOS

Audio Memos

We love a good To Do list app, but sometime its easier to just say what you want to remember rather than type it out. With Audio Memos, you can do just that. You can instantly begin recording when you launch the app, using it to capture interviews, lectures, reminders, lists, and more.

You can also email your recordings; upload them via USB; combine one or more audio recordings together; search, sort, and filter your recordings; and send the recordings to your PC via Wi-Fi. We also like that there’s no preset recording length, so you can simply record until you’re blue in the face

Voice Texting Pro

Speech-to-text technology is one of the smartphone’s killer apps, and this app is all about simplifying the act of generating emails, text messages, memos, and more. Just tap the microphone icon and begin speaking to record a block of text. When you’re finished, you can send the message as an email, SMS, or Twitter or Facebook post. One of the coolest features is the ability to send the dictated text to the clipboard, which lets you quickly paste it into virtually any other application. The speech recognition technology the app uses is also very accurate, so you can compose text faster than ever.

SignEasy Apps for iOs


Even in today’s all-digital-all-thetime environment, your signature still carries a lot of weight. With SignEasy, you can easily sign and accept signatures on documents without having to resort to pen and paper. Start by importing a document into the app via email, Web, Dropbox, or Box; use your finger or a stylus to sign the document; and then forward the document on to the appropriate recipient. The app includes support for PDF, Word, Office, Text, Open Office, and HTML.

We also like the instant sync feature, which updates the documents on all your devices.

Pattern Lock Free for BlackBerry
Pattern Lock Free for BlackBerry

Pattern Lock Free

This app, designed for BlackBerry OS version 5.0 or higher, adds a pattern-based lock to the BlackBerry platform. The app adds another layer of security to your device and also prevents unintentional button presses and phone calls. To set a pattern, just launch the app, reset the code, and draw a pattern twice to lock it in. To unlock the phone, just draw your pattern onscreen and you’ll gain access to the Home screen. The apps also has a Forgot Password option that lets you reset it in the event that you forget your pattern.

Scan To Text

This useful app turns your BlackBerry OS 10.0 or higher smartphone into a pocket-sized scanner. Just launch the app, take a photo of a text-based document with your phone, and let the app’s sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology convert the image into editable text.

The conversion takes place on-device, which means you can scan an unlimited number of documents even when you don’t have cellular reception. The app can also compensate for rotated and skewed images. When complete, you can send the text via email or BBM or copy it to the clipboard.

Traffic Monitor

RadioOpt’s Traffic Monitor displays detailed statistics about your Wi-Fi and cellular data traffic, including voice call usage; SMS traffic; number and duration of incoming and outgoing calls; statistics for the past 30 days, six weeks, and six months; traffic breakdown by location; and more. You can also configure the app to reset stats on the first day of your billing cycle. We also like the Usage Prediction feature, which can give you an estimate of how much traffic will occur until the next billing cycle.

Amber Money for Anroid
Amber Money for Anroid


The fact is, sometimes clients, partners, customers, and other organizations will judge you based on your spelling ability. To present yourself in the best light possible, install QuickSpell and let it act as your own personal proofreader for emails, calendar appointments, contacts, and social networking posts. This app uses the same proven spelling engine as Google Chrome, Mac OSX, Firefox, Open Office, and more. QuickSpell also supports more than 40 languages and there’s an editable dictionary, so you can add entries for words that are not recognized by default.

Android Time Card

If it’s your responsibility to keep track of the amount of time you spend on any project, we recommend you try Android Time Card. This app lets you clock in and clock out right from your Android phone. You can also save and forward your time card to your employer, employees, or anyone else. The app supports backup and reload from SD card, multiple timers, the ability to import job names and descriptions, a widget-based component, mileage tracking, earnings, and the ability to add notes to each job.

Amber Money

Amber Money is a streamlined personal finance app that can help you get your accounts in order. Features include a quick available balance view and the ability to manage multiple expense categories and attach photos to expenses. This is a handy feature because it lets you easily distinguish similar expenses, for instance, car payments for two different vehicles.

The app supports multiple currencies and is capable of graphically displaying useful statistics to help you manage your finances. The app is designed to run on both smartphones and tablets.

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