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Buy Compaq Laptop

Updated on July 23, 2009

Buy Compaq laptop

Buying a new laptop that suits you best is always a tough choice. Compaq laptops are well known for being reliable and very well balanced. The different parts are carefully selected to provide maximum stability and reliability along with a high performance.

I'm an informatician who's been around computers since the age of 4, and thus had enough time and experience to learn the advantages and features of different brands of computers. To some people, Compaq laptops seem to have a bit higher price than other laptops with similar performance. This is true, but this small difference is something you won't regret paying. The main reasons you should buy Compaq laptop:

  • reliability
  • stability
  • design
  • top quality

In this article, I'm gonna show you four compaq notebooks that I think are the best choices in the different price ranges.

Two Compaq laptops for office use:

If you want to buy Compaq laptop for basic office applications like browsing the internet, reading ebooks, writing, using Word, Excel etc. then your best choice is the Presario CQ60. It has various sub-versions like 220, 212, 211, 210 and so on.
The CQ60-220 is currently the cheapest at Amazon, and it has everything you need, including a DVD writer, a 250 GB hard drive (much more than enough to store all your pictures, videos, music and other data). Having an Intel processor means a very long battery life, which makes it perfect for journeys that take 3 hours or more.
The CQ60-212 is supplied with twice as much RAM, which makes the overall performance better, including a much faster Windows boot-up. Both models have wireless internet access capabilities. The monitor is 15.6 inches diagonally, making the laptop very easily portable and still comfortable to use. Oh, and it looks very cool!

A Compaq Laptop for professionals:

Professionals buy Compaq laptops as well. Their choice is almost always the Presario CQ70. It has a 17 inch screen, 3 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive and a Dual Core Intel processor. Of course you also get the Wireless LAN card and the DVD RW (with Lightscribe capabilities). With a Lightscribe DVD recorder, you can 'print' text and pictures on the top surface of your DVD's. This version ships with genuine Windows Vista Premium, which is the Vista version I recommend. It gives you full access to all your computer's resources and settings. Again, the design of the CQ70 makes it a real eye-catcher. You should pick this one if you plan on buying a compaq laptop with a 17 inch monitor.

The current best laptop deal:

Finally, here's a (probably very limited time) offer for the people who'd like to save 400 dollars buying a compaq laptop. I've just found this extremely good deal on the Presario CQ50Z today. The CQ50Z is an entry-level laptop, specifically made for people who travel a lot. It runs from battery for over 150 minutes, and is extremely portable due to its size. I already have a laptop, but if such a deal was available when I was looking to buy one, I would have picked this one for sure. Just a hint: check it out now if you're interested, it says to me there are only 3 laptops left.


I hope I could help you make your final decision. As an informatician, I can tell you that I've seen hundreds of PCs and used dozens of them, and Compaq was always famous for its reliability, stability and great customer support (you might need that if you haven't used a laptop before). So if you're looking for those attributes, buy Compaq laptop.


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    • tommywong profile image

      tommywong 8 years ago from Malaysia

      Nice commercial hubs, selling Compaq laptop, no regret to own a compaq laptop. Thanks for info