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Best Flash Drive Reviews 2014

Updated on December 7, 2013

Because of their compactness, their capacity and their ease of use; USB flash drives have become the medium of chose for people who want to carry their data around with them. In this article we will review some of the best selling flash drives available online.

Kingston trusted flash disk brand
Kingston trusted flash disk brand

Kingston DataTraveler I - 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

The 8 GB Kingston Data Traveler is currently the best selling flash drive, in the world. It has a good brand and is available at a great price.

Due to my storage needs, I have bought more than a few flash drives online. This drive in particular suits my needs very well. When I insert the drive into my laptop, the storage icon comes up quickly and it is easy to use. My files are easily manipulated and I use every gig available.

It arrived at my doorstep a day before arrival, which I appreciated. It also has the clip that you can attach to your keys or chain. I like that as well, especially since the top doesn’t come off as you move about.

Everything considered, I would recommend this flash drive. As I said, I have purchased flash drives online before and this is just as good, if not better, than the rest.

Buy flash pen online
Buy flash pen online

SanDisk Cruzer Micro 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

I really like this little flash drive. It is much smaller than the others that I have and works just as well. I keep my drives on a key ring and it has a ring holder. That is important to me. I also like the fact that it retracts as opposed to having a cap. I have lost a number of caps and it is a pain in the neck. You can possibly damage your drive or get it wet. When you lose that cap, all of your data is at risk.

Of all the flash drives online, I recommended this drive. It has suited my needs, protected my data, and its compact size is a real convenience.

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SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

I have bought more than one flash drive online and they are definitely not all the same. I liked this drive because it served my needs for work and home. I have a number of power point presentations as well as pictures.

The feature that I like the most is the retractable head. I have lost the cap to my flash drive and it is no fun. It becomes a real inconvenience because you get paranoid about damaging your data. The retractable head gave me a little extra security in that regard.

I also like the fact that I can save software on my flash drive. This can take up some space but is can be a real lifesaver. I have software at work that I don’t have at home. When I need to get some things done at home it isn’t a problem.

I would recommend this flash drive. The retractable head is helpful, it is compact, and the ring fits nicely on your key or chain.

Kingston DataTraveler I - 32 GB USB 2.0

I bought this flash drive online and it is a powerhouse. I hated having three and four drives to keep up with and this was my solution. I am glad I made the move. I have a few different power point presentations, photographs, music, and a lot of important documents for work.

I used to keep flash drives for my categories in life: work, pictures, and office documents. This flash drive helped to condense my life.

Its storage capacity is sufficient and its speed as well. I can access my files quickly on command and this is a feature that is always important to me. No one likes slow anything anymore. Speed is essential and I got my money’s worth with this drive.

Another thing I like, that may seem small, is the cap. I have lost the cap on my flash disk before and it was a little unnerving. I keep a lot of data that is important. When the cap of your flash drive is off you get nervous. Call me crazy, but I would keep a close eye on my flash drive to make sure it wasn’t damaged. This cap stays on, and in truth you have to apply some force to get it off.

All in all, I give it two thumbs up. I am happy that I purchased this flash drive online. If I had it to do over, I would not change a thing.

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 64 GB USB

I bought this flash drive online and I love it. I might as well have my whole computer in my pocket. It holds everything I have. I keep my music, my family photos, power points, my Access files and everything else. Its big, it’s fast and it fits in my pocket.
It’s a little pricey for a flash drive, but if you need a lot of storage and mobility, it’s worth every cent. I used to have three flash drives. I kept one on a key chain, one on a neck chain, and tried to keep up with the third drive the best I could. This drive helped me out a lot.

Its speed impressed me also. I have some large Access file that I use often. This ‘monster’ opens them up right away with no delay. I like that aspect a lot. I didn’t expect it to be that way, so it was a real plus.

The rubber exterior gives me some sense of security, although I have never damaged a drive from dropping it. I give this ‘big boy’ an ‘A’. I am glad that I bought this flash drive online and I would do it again.


A flash drive is the best way to carry large amounts of data around in a tiny storage device. There are many great reliable flash drives on the market, including the ones I reviewed here.

I hope you found best flash drive reviews 2014, useful.


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    • deathmetaller profile image


      8 years ago

      Flash drives seem to get cheaper and cheaper

    • myawn profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      nice information on buying flashdrives Thanks!


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