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Buying Followers for Twitter Instantly Increases Real Follow-Backs

Updated on March 7, 2013

Buying twitter followers is wrong.

There is no way around it. It is wrong. People who do it are bad people who care only about money and prestige. There are a lot of conflicting articles detailing whether buying followers works or is a waste of time and money- but none argue that it is the right thing to do.

Politicians do it, foundations do it, celebs do it, and you can do it to.

When should you buy twitter followers?

Q1: What does it actually do? You are buying people who don't care about your product and will never read any of your tweets... so what is the point?

Maybe other people have different reasons for buying twitter followers, but according to C there is one key motivation.

Perceived Coolness.

When you follow someone on Twitter, and they notice the new follower, they're going to do a few things very quickly.

  1. scan profile to check if you're a follow-everyone bot
  2. look at your following and followers
  3. look at your tweets

The thing is, that 3rd step often doesn't happen. It's easy to ID someone based just on profile and following/followers. An "also followed by" from their friendslist is a great in and will convince most Twitter users that you are worth a follow.

Let's take a look at some profiles from the weight loss niche, and try to think about how they are going to decide which profiles to follow back.

During this exercise, please keep in mind why people join Twitter.

  1. to connect with similar users
  2. to broadcast their everyday issues to sympathetic ears
  3. to hear about other everyday people

4. to get advertised to (Joking! No one joins Twitter for this ;D )

Hmmm... what is similar about these profiles?

Gosh... I can't guess.... what could the common denominator be?

This is the first problem most small-time twitter advertisers have. The problem with buying Twitter followers is that if you don't fit into your niche - the follow backs will not come.

Let's do a quick search for a common advertiser in this niche.... diet pills.

Suspicious Numbers, with a follow-bot in the middle.  No one naturally follows an account with less than 50 or so tweets... a "normal" account has hundreds, if not thousands of tweets.
Suspicious Numbers, with a follow-bot in the middle. No one naturally follows an account with less than 50 or so tweets... a "normal" account has hundreds, if not thousands of tweets.

I'm sure the follow-backs are just streaming in...


Out of all of these profiles, only 1 looked legitimate.

The rest had obviously all bought followers or else were doing random-follow trying desperately to get followbacks.

Keep in mind that you're stuck with these followers- for the rest of your Twitter account's lifespan, people are going to be able to see these splits.

On the other hand, having significantly more "following" than "followers" is a death sentence to an account. It means you're either too boring to follow, or are adding people like crazy trying to advertise. No one will give a follow-back on an account with more than twice as many following as followers.

So How Do You Buy Followers and Profit From It?

Alright, so buying Twitter followers doesn't work on its own. You have to actually upkeep a decent account.

First: fit into your niche.

Second: TWEET.

What is the point of having a Twitter account if you don't tweet? Accounts with no tweets are never going to get followers. You cannot get followers on a blog without content, and you can't get followers on twitter without tweeting. Why people think they can skirt this rule is beyond me.

Ideally, you tweet several hundred times before buying any followers. A good rule of thumb is that your followers should be less than or equal to your number of tweets.

Once you buy followers, your job is not over.

The followers, if they are legitimate people, will quickly begin to unfollow you. This is because they are lured into following you (by the seller) hoping for a followback. If you look through the bought followers on your account, you can see that they are all selling something in one way or another.

If this is NOT the type of follower you bought, brace for ban when twitter deletes all the fake profiles and traces it back to you.

So, your followers are dropping like flies and your money went to waste right?

Wrong. If you actually have a decent account with good splits, we can now begin to see the true value of buying twitter followers. There is one great reason to buy followers on twitter and here it is. tracks follows and unfollows on your account. tracks follows and unfollows on your account.

People Are Shallow.

Yes. That is how buying followers works. People are shallow. They don't care about the quality of your content, they don't care if you've tweeted 6000 times. They don't care if you're offering exclusive coupons.

All they care about is whether you're "cool." And what makes you cool on Twitter? Your follower count. If they are followed by someone "cool" and follow back, they know they will show up on the "suggested" lists of all that person's followers, and they might get a follower boost out of it. So they want you on their list.

It's awful, it's depressing, it makes you want to give up the social network altogether, but now that you seem "Popular," try following 20 people in your niche. The number of follow-backs will astound you.

So while your fake followers are dropping off, you should be adding like crazy and getting new REAL followers every day. Here's what C's account looks like on the unfollowers website:

What if more people are unfollowing than following?

10 niche, real twitter followers are better than 100 fake or sales twitter followers. Never forget that.

It is not about the numbers. Why buy followers who don't care about your tweets? Because it helps you to get real followers who DO care. Even if they are shallow, you can't blame them for being human.


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