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Buy HTC Droid Incredible Charger Online

Updated on April 30, 2010

The HTC Droid Incredible is the latest smartphone to come on the market and is regarded by many as being the best, most powerful smartphone yet. However, like all smartphones the HTC Droid Incredible suffers from that all to common problem - a low battery life. There are however many ways of improving this situation by purchasing chargers which can be left in areas in which lots of time is spent such as the car and office to ensure the HTC Incredible Battery never runs out.

What follows is a brief description of some of the most popular HTC Droid Incredible chargers currently sold on Amazon (chosen since it has a wide variety of chargers and is a very well known website). Each charger is also accompanied with a brief description.

Whilst this isn't a typical cell phone charger the unique properties of this charger make it rather cool, which is why I have chosen to put it here. It use AA batteries to charge your HTC Droid Incredible on the go meaning there is no need to have a main electricty supply - very useful!  It is professionally and stylishly finished in brushed aluminium and so is likely to prove very popular in the looks department - for more information click the link to the right. 

The cheapest option for a wall charger for the HTC Droid Incredible is shown on the right. It is designed to be a fast charger and will fully charge the Droid Incredible in under an hour. There is also a special system which boosts the cell phone signal when the HTC Droid Incredible is plugged in which is another bonus. By a secodn charger (in addition to the one which came with your HTC Droid Incredible) and you can leave one charger at work/school/another place you spedn lots of time and will ensure you don't have to carry your charger with you.

 At an even lower cost than the price of the wall charger it is possible to buy a HTC Droid Incredible charger for the car which will allow the phone to be charged whilst driving.  This is very useful and to the right is a car charger which comes at a very cheap price - well worth the money if you drive a lot and have a HTC Droid Incredible. 

 If you want a potentially better quality cell charger for your car it is possible to buy the HTC Droid Incredible Professional Blue LED cell phone charger as shown on the right.  Whilst this is more expensive than the cheap car charger directly above it, many people will feel it is worth the extra cost.

 On the right is a cable which allows a phone to be connected to a PC.  Why is it worth the rather high price?  Well the manufacturers claim that it chargers quicker than the cable which comes with the HTC Droid Incredible at purchase and has some other features which make it better than the standard cable. 

 It is also possible to buy multipack deals which include a number of items for the HTC Droid Incredible.  The first deal, as shown on the right, comes with a home wall charger, a car charger and a USB data charger meaning that it is possible to charge the Incredible anywhere - very useful.  By buying like this it is also possible to save money over buying separately based on shipping costs etc.

 The final option is as shown on the right.  This is a set which in addition to having a car, wall and USB cable chargers for the HTC Droid Incredible also has a number of other accesories.  These are hands free kit, screen protector, holster pouch and car mount.  If youa re likely to use all, or most of these accesories this is probably the best deal possible and worth grabbing. 


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