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Buy PCI TV Tuner

Updated on March 15, 2011
The PCI TV Tuner is a fast alternative to computers which suffer from lag on USB TV Tuners.
The PCI TV Tuner is a fast alternative to computers which suffer from lag on USB TV Tuners.

Introduction to PCI TV Tuners

While internet streaming TV is on the rise, the majority of good television is still only available on your everyday TV channels. Live TV on your PC or laptop has been available for years, and in that time it has been perfected greatly. Currently you can get laptop tuners in both PCI and USB versions, they both have their plus sides and down sides, yet many find that they Buy PCI TV Tuner cards for their far superior for speed and quality.

You can get PCI TV Tuner cards for both PC's and Laptops. Be warned though, fitting a PCI card in a laptop can be much more daunting, and risky. For this reason most Laptop owners Buy USB TV Tuners. When you Buy PCI TV Tuners for a PC you can fit the PCI card in a matter of minutes, even if you do not know much about the insides of a PC.

Why Buy a PCI TV Tuner Vs USB TV Tuner

While USB TV Tuners sometimes have their benefits, sometimes it is best to Buy a PCI TV Tuner. PCI TV Tuners hold several advantages over their USB TV Tuner counterparts, although tehy do have some disadvantages as well.

The Benefits of PCI TV Tuners

  • Speed - PCI TV Tuners are linked right in to your computers motherbaord, without the sluggish USB interface. Cheap USB PCI cards can often cause a jerky, slow motion USB TV experience, you will not get this with a PCI TV Tuner.
  • Portability - In either a laptop or PC, a PCI TV Tuner can be installed in to the inside of a PC or laptop, after which you never need to mess around with it again. This can help avoid the risk of losing your USB TV Tuner, or having it when attached to your PC.

The Negatives of PCI TV Tuners

  • Flexibility - When you buy a PCI TV Tuner you have to take your computer apart every time you want to move it to another machine. This is much more difficult than the simple plug and play functionality of USB.

Laptop PCI TV Tuners

While Laptop PCI TV Tuners are available, they can be expensive, and will often be hard to find and harder to install. This makes USB TV Tuners an ideal choice for laptops, rather than a PCI TV Tuner.

if you are adamant that you will want to instal a TV tuner for your laptop then you will have to search online for a speciality store which will supply your computer hardware.

How to Install a PCI TV Tuner

Installing a PCi TV Tuner is pretty easy, you should however buy a 'grounding' wristband before you start though to remove any static electricity from your body, and make sure your computer is completely unplugged before you open it up!

Once you have opened up your computer case it is laughably simple to install a PCI TV Tuner. All you actually have to do is find your PCi slot, and pop the PCI TV Tuner card in there!

Once the PCI card is in place you can close your computer up, restart it, and you will then be asked to install your drivers, these should have come with your PCI TV Tuner on a CD. Depending on the PCi TV Tuner you buy you may be asked to install the drivers/software before or after you install the PCi TV Tuner. Be sure to read the instructions before you do anything!

Buy PC PCI TV Tuners

If you have a PC then a PC PCI TV Tuner is the perfect way to get live TV on your PC. it is easy to install, fast start up, cheap, and highly reliable.If you are looking to buy PCI TV Tuners online then check out some of the fantastic PCI TV Tuner deals below!


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Yeah I always banged a PCI TV Tuner in to my PC's I have jsut bought a new USB TV Tuner for my laptop though!

    • MyWebs profile image

      Anthony Goodley 7 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      I've owned the Hauppauge PCI Tuner cards a couple of times before and always liked them a lot. They are a very good product.