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Buy Pink Apple Macbook Accessories - Buying Guide

Updated on March 17, 2011
For $500 Colorware will "pink" your Macbook Air. For those who dont want to spend that kind of money. Here are some great alternatives for personalisation...
For $500 Colorware will "pink" your Macbook Air. For those who dont want to spend that kind of money. Here are some great alternatives for personalisation...

The Apple Macbook is a one of the most popular forms of Apple Computers. In fact it is the best selling Macintosh in history. It has been providing power with style since 2006. The Macbook is a great compromise between cost, design and affordability. Despite there being many Macbooks around, there are relatively very few accessories out there for personalisation. Especially for girls wanting to pink up their Macs! My mum loves pink, and I made this hub for her. This hub will show you, and her, what is out there in the pink Mac world, from the cheap and cheerful to pure luxury. Not only do skins look great but they also protect your Mac. Not enough people personalise their Apple Macbooks. You see plenty of people with skins for iPods etc, so come on, customise those Macbooks! Enjoy and embrace the pink, here is how!

Looking After Your Macbook

Pink Sleeves & Cases

First things first. If you are going to personalise your Macbook, you should start with something thats going to protect your laptop, not just make it look great.

The first consideration to look for, is make sure your Mac fits in the case you buy. This sounds obvious, but you will be amazed at how many people buy the wrong case, usally one that does not fit 100%. Did you know that a 12" iBook dimensions vary to other 12" Macs? With Macbook, you can get cases specifically made for Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and every size of standard Macbook. Many people will look at the design and pick that as their case, which is fair enough. Looks are an important consideration for most people. But if you have spent serious money on a Macbook, you should consider the material of the Macbook case. Pink cases are no different! When you are looking at the materials, remember you get what you pay for.

Neoprene Sleeves and other plastics

You can get a simple pink neoprene case which are great for stopping your Mac getting scratched in a backpack etc. These go for very little money and come in a wide range of designs. These are advantageous as they wipe clean, and also give a small amount of shock protection. The feel is also soft to touch.

Nylon Bags

Nylon laptop bags can be very hard wearing. Its a good material which is used in almost any style of bag, not just computer related. If you pay more you usually get some form of foam padding, which gives an extra layer of padding for your Mac. You should pay around $30 upwards for a decent bag with padding. The great thing is they come in a huge variety of designs and colours. Including pink.

Leather Bags and sleeves

If you want to splash out a bit more, check out leather bags and leather sleeves. You can even get some leather bags with memory foam padding. Not that you need the memory part of the memory foam, but it does a great job protecting by being soft and cushioning. Many leather cases are handcrafted for quality too. I've included a very upmarket, stunning pink example of this quality to the right.

Other Personalisation for your Macbook

Laptop Skins

These really took off over the past year. Many top designers have released custom laptop skins, many for Macbook, as people seek to make their laptops exactly that. So much so that some big companies, like Dell, sell laptops with the skins on already from the factory.

When its comes to pink Macbook skins, there are many designs, from full on changes to stylish subtle image that blends with the white. These really enhance the look of the Macbook, whilst also providing a small amount of scratch protection. The different types of skin are, simple stickers, shell case skins, and the latest chic skin, pink keyboard skins. These can completely transform the look of the Mac, or just add a subtle personalised tone depending on the type of statement you want to make. Being made of silicone they are very soft to touch, and feel great. As with many of these accessories, they help protect your Macbook, as well as make it look great and individual. Keyboard skins are very easy to add, and protect the keys from dust, spillage and wear and tear. Many are removable for cleaning too, so they stay looking great.

Soft shell cases, take away from the cold lifeless feel of a laptop and makes them feel much more gentle, whilst adding that extra protection from bumps. The designs and colours can widely change the look, and there will definitely be one to fit your tastes. Another advantage of the full skin, is it slightly raises the Mac by a few millimetres, which allow the fans to work a bit better on uneven surfaces like on a bed to help stop overheating.

Pink Macbook Mouse

The standard Macbook mouse is a great piece of kit. It works well, and in many cases looks great. However its very simple and its hardly personal. If you have a Apple laptop and don't get on with the keypad, or you like to design and require an actual mouse, then there are many pink mice available that work with your Macbook, which have premium features without the price. Your many consideration is wireless or wired. Its a personal choice, but I would say, if you havent used a wireless mouse for a while you will be impressed. The precision is perfect on most mice, and the battery life is so long its hardly a consideration, even for power users. Just dont buy some cheap $1 battery. Get a good Duracell, ideally a high quality rechargeable. Its worth the small investment.

As with laptop skins, bags and every other pink Mac accessories, there are many colours and design of mice to choose from. Size is a big consideration. If you use your Macbook at home mostly, then a standard size mouse will be fine, however if you take it around with you, then the portability of a smaller laptop or netbook mouse is probably a better purchase. Wireless mice come with very small USB adapters which just plug into the USB port. The ones chosen below are tiny, and hardly stick out of the port so you dont have to worry about unsightly dongles. Again this is all about giving you a choice, so you can make a personal decision on your Macbook design. All these mice work on Macs straight away out of the box.


Whilst Apple Macs are still in the minority despite growing in number, you can still get a wide variety of products designed specifically to customise your Macbook, and make it nice and pink. Just like my Mum likes it. Prices fit almost any budget, and the products provide protect as well as style. If you own a pink product which you think should be featured let me know. My mum would appreciate it as she continues to "pinkify" her house, and her laptop. She is not the only one, so I hope you have found some help here and opened your eyes to whats out there, and what is available.

Finally, for the "Guidette's" out there, here is a beautiful pink Ed Hardy set featuring, pink mouse, pink mat, and a 8GB Ed Hardy USB Stick. Its not my cup of tea, but I'm sure you Jersey Shore fans will love it! Fully Macbook compatible.


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    • profile image

      Kay Koehler 

      7 years ago

      I am going to buy a 17" MacBook Pro in the next couple of weeks. I can't find pink protective covers for it in either see thru or satin or any kind for that matter. What can you tell me? Thanks so much.


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