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Buy a 4 Line Phone Online For Less

Updated on January 26, 2012
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

The office phone system is a business’ lifeblood. Reliability, cost, and features are all considerations when choosing a 4 line cordless phone system. Your office situation will determine if you need an expandable or basic 4 line phone system.

A small office with a handful of employees can manage with a basic non-expandable 4 line phone system. An office with up to 10 employees can benefit from an expandable 4 line cordless phone package. The added cost for an expandable 4 line phone is modest with most of the additional cost resulting from extra handsets.

Most phone systems come with standard features, including: caller ID, cordless handsets, headset port, speakerphone, call waiting, call transfer, voicemail, and a battery backup system for power failures. Never assume any phone has all these features.

I will review the more common 4 line phone systems for the small office, focusing on reliability first, cost second, and features last.

Panasonic 4 Line Phones

I am partial to Panasonic 4 line cordless phone systems. My office has used a Panasonic 4 line system for 15 years with excellent results. We recently expanded our phone network and choose Panasonic again.

Panasonic 4 line phones have serious advantages. Cost and reliability top the benefits. Panasonic 4 line phones also have all the desired features. A speakerphone is important in our office, so is call transfer from the front desk to side offices, and caller ID. The Panasonic KX-TG4500B 5.8 GHz 4 line phone system delivers on all counts, and at a price that doesn’t bust the budget.

The most important benefit to us is the built-in battery supply if power goes out. Our business continues regardless of the power company. There is also a headset jack and the ability for remote access.

The Panasonic KX-TX4100B 4 line system is expandable to 16 stations for the office with more individual offices and the need for only 4 lines. For my office, Panasonic has always delivered. Check out the Amazon capsules for current prices on Panasonic 4 line phones.


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Other 4 Line Phone Systems

AT&T, GE, RCA, and Cisco offer quality 4 line wireless phone systems, too. The nicest thing about all the systems discussed in this article is that only one phone jack is required for the main phone station. The other phones have a wireless connection to the main phone station.

Each system has its advantages, but all cost more than Panasonic. Always review the phone’s features before buying.

Amazon tends to have the best price, free shipping, and a return policy if something does not work as anticipated. I have included a selection of 4 line phones throughout this article for your review. Be sure to purchase a handless headset with your 4 line phone.

When comparing prices on Amazon, you can save a few dollars by buying the extra handsets separately rather than as a package. In other words, build your own package. Compare the prices. We saved over $10 by purchasing our Panasonic 4 line phone system by adding the extra handsets separately. Savings of any kind are always welcome.

Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment below on your 4 line phone system. More information makes it easier for others to make a buying decision. You can click on the Amazon capsules to purchase your 4 line phone system today.

Panasonic KX-TG4500B 5.8 GHz


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