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Buy a Walkie Talkie

Updated on October 6, 2013

Sometime ago we got an email from client who was interested in buying a set of walkie talkies and wanted us to provide him/her with quotation. This is not the first time we have got such kind of email asking us for quotation.

According to me the probable reason of this kind of approach is that the person is running out of time and wants the quotation so as to have some idea about prices of the items before he/she goes to walkie talkie shop for the purchase. However according to me it would be much better for persons like the one mentioned above to check the range of prices at commercial websites like ebay or amazon? He will get an immediate and perfect idea about the latest systems as well as the associated price range.

WOKI H630S Walkie Talkie

WOKI H630S walkie talkie
WOKI H630S walkie talkie | Source

Look at your needs and then finalize the purchase

Buying a walkie talkie set can be a very trivial task; you can just go to the shop or purchase online any available walkie talkie unit. Before you proceed to the action, you are always advised to ask yourself what’s your needs? The purpose the walkie talkie is to be used? Consider all the parameters carefully before going ahead with the purchase of a walkie talkie kit.

Where it is to be used? Where do you want to use your walkie talkie? In a city or in a jungle for tracking purpose or along the sea side? There are different walkie talkie sets available with different frequencies and ranges and the shop owner depending on his experience and your requirement can recommend different sets like either a UHF or VHF frequency equipment.

Distance of communication matters. You should have a general or rough idea about the distances in which the walkie talkie is to be used. In majority of cases, a walkie talkie can work for around 3 km or more, but the coverage distance of radio communication systems is affected badly due to buildings or other geographical interferences.

How it must look?. The outward appearance of a walkie talkie set is as important as its working. Apart from the cosmetic design, there are two main types of outer design.

1) Walkie talkie with keypad

2) Walkie talkie without keypad

If you are just an amateur in walkie talkie, we always suggest you to consider the walkie talkie without keypad, such as WOKI 630S series.

Walkie Talkie Accessories

Do you require any supporting accessories for your walkie talkie?

Several Walkie talkie accessories are available in the market which can assist you in utilizing the system as well as makes the usage simple and enjoyable. Keep some knowledge about the latest and different walkie talkie accessories that different shops are offering. These walkie talkie accessories may not be a part of your current usage or applications, but the need may rise some time ahead.

Just spend some time to look at different accessories available in the market before you go decide to purchase an unit and also keep a regular tab even after purchase.

Walkie talkie after Sales Support

Support is required for a walkie talkies system after purchase and during usage in terms of its day to day use, frequency programming, regular repairing and maintenance etc.

Instructions to use: Every walkie talkie in market comes up with multiple functionality. Never hesitate in asking the walkie talkie shop personnel about the ways of utilization and basic procedure of operation. An experienced shop owner can also inform you about some routinely faced problems or failures and how to identify and eliminate this problem working at the root level.

Maintainance and Repairing: A walkie talkie system or communication radio system is an electronic product or item. Every electronic item and its components face something called as regular wear and tear which eventually leads to failure or breakdown of the system. Not every walkie talkie shops have their own service centre, and many shops send the unit to the original manufacturer therefore increasing the time of response.

Programming the Frequency. Most of the walkie talkie are designed to work or are maintained at a fixed or default frequency channel. In order to set up a group of communication systems together, one needs to use the same frequency channel at both the ends i.e. sender as well as receiver and vice versa. Unfortunately not all the shop have people trained to set and adjust frequency. Therefore, go for purchase to that shop were frequency programming of the system can be done.

Standard Set of H630S Walkie Talkie


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