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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Remote Car Starter

Updated on July 31, 2012

Remote Car Starter, Seems Simple, What's the Big Deal?

A remote car starter is a great tool to get your car up and running from a long distance away, or while you get ready in the house.  There's nothing quite as satisfying as pressing your remote hundreds of feet away in a giant walmart parking lot so that your car is warm and ready for you when you reach it. 

As cool as remote car starters are, they can also be dangerous if you get them installed wrong, or don't look for certain safety features.  Besides safety features, it's nice to get the most bang for your buck, so here are the top 5 things to look for in a remote car starter. 

What to Look For in a Remote Car Starter

  1. Warranty - A good remote car starter will come with a warranty. I'm not talking about a 60 day warranty, don't take any of that. A good remote car starter will have a warranty for at least a year, and for up to 3 years. Look for a warranty that covers any defects, or anything that might happen to your remote car starter.
  2. Remote Start Range - It's important to look for a remote car starter with a long range. After all, what's the point if you have to be right outside your car to start it? Sure you can start it without the key, but you want a remote car starter that you can use in those big shopping store parking lots from far away. Even when you go to parties, it's nice to be able to remotely start your car from a distance. Don't settle for anything less than 500 ft. That seems like a pretty long distance, but it's not even one tenth of a mile. A good remote car starter can start your car from quite a distance, shop around and compare.
  3. Proffesional Manufacturer - As with anything, brand names are important. Even more important than the brand of car starter you get, is who installs it. Don't purchase a walmart car starter and install it yourself, that's just asking for trouble. Even if you know a decent amount about cars, it's dangerous and there's a lot of tricky things to work around including security systems and intricate engine parts. It's a good idea to buy a remote start system from a specialty service, and get them to install it. Cheap remote car starters can damage your car, and can be dangerous if installed improperly. I'm not saying every car shop out there is awful, but how much do you really trust the people at your local car repair shop to be messing around with your car engine? Buy from a specialty shop and get professional installation.
  4. RPM gauge - The RPM gauge may just seem like a nice feature, but really it's a must for any car starter. The RPM gauge measures the speed of your engine as you use your remote car starter. On a chilly day you may press the button to start your car, and arrive at your car to find your car never started. Sometimes on a chilly day it takes a few tries. On the same topic, you don't want to just blindy press the button over and over to make sure the car starts. Too much reving can kill your engine. Take my word for it, you want a remote car starter with an RPM gauge.
  5. Hood Safety Switch - This is an important safety feature for you or the mechanic who works on your car . This prevents the remote car starter from starting when the hood is up. You may not think you need a hood safety switch, but when your car breaks down or runs out of gas, chances are the first thing you will do is pop the hood. At this point, the remote car starter will probably be in your pocket, and if you move the wrong way, that engine may just start and take your fingers off. When you buy a remote car starter, a hood safety switch is a must.


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      Brenda 7 years ago

      Thanks - had no idea what to look for being new with them.