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Buying a Cellphone

Updated on February 4, 2014
Cellphones are quite popular with kids today
Cellphones are quite popular with kids today

With so much variety, how do you decide

In today's scenario where a new phone gets launched almost everyday it's tough to decide which phone to buy specially when the price is almost the same. Cellphone is not just a phone today it's much more hence its an investment.

While interacting with various groups of people it's quite strange to note that their is still a small number of audience who needs cellphone just for talking or max messaging. Ofcourse a majority of people are looking for maximum number of features their phone can have. From just being a calling feature today phone offers camera, touch, office, location, entertainment, utility, productivity, reading and many more features.

When deciding on which phone to buy, a little knowledge about the phone's Operating System will play a big role today. This is mainly because more than the hardware features, applications termed as apps, today play a big role. Yes of course the basic hardware features like camera (resolution, zoom), GPS (used for location app), multimedia features (music, video, picture) etc needs to be matched with your need but the apps that will make the use of these features really great will have to be paid more attention on.

Operating System on mobile is similar to Operating System (OS) on a computer wherein one can install, delete softwares. Using these softwares one can perform multiple required and new functions. Examples of mobile OS are Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile etc. They have their versions as per their launch in market and every new version has mostly some additional feature than the last one. Features offered by different OS are somewhat similar, but the packaging, user look and feel, usability is different though.

For a very simple user, who's looking for phone just for calling and to be in touch with, he should concentrate on very simple, low budget phones as the jazzy features would not be used by him but he'll pay a heavy price for it. Mostly this is for people in older age, or for your worker. If you are a photo enthusiast now you don't need to carry a camera always with you, phones offer built in camera that are as good as stand alone camera with great resolution and zoom capability. These photos can be made great with effects applied on them by the photo softwares. To keep a track of your kids or to constantly track about your friends, or if you are driving freak look for a mobile with GPS inbuilt in it. GPS lets you track the location using the coordinates. You can choose the destination you have to go to and the phone will guide you the way using the installed software using GPS on phone. If you Like surfing the Internet or love to be hooked on social networking sites, Internet on phone becomes a basic feature for you. Look for the phone that has GPRS, 3G or wi-fi capability. These features let your phone connect to the Internet and let you surf the net or download great stuff from Internet. GPRS and 3G use your operator (service providers) network through your SIM to provide you the Internet capability but with a Wi-fi phone you can connect to Internet by connecting to the wi-fi service around you. Today loads of health, cooking, blogging, news, weather related features are also very common on phone. To have a phone with these features, you need Internet on phone, that will help you download the application for it and constantly update the related data.

Phones today come with touch feature i.e. besides or instead of keyboard your screen helps you navigate or type by tapping on the screen. This feature helps you use the phone easily as it gives you a feel of paper and pen, something that we have been used to since our childhood.

Before really going for this investment, you should first analyse which features are you actually looking for in your phone and then you can find the phones that offer these. Post this the brand of phone, service provided by the brand, reviews about the phone can really help you to shortlist the phone of your choice. Ofcourse, the price tag on the phone should also be a match to the pocket or emi/loan offers from bank.


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