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Buying a Desktop Computer

Updated on August 23, 2010

Buying a Desktop Computer

If you are thinking of buying a computer system and don't know what you should look for while purchasing then you have landed to the right place.

In this hub I will be telling you about some basic things you must keep in mind while buying a computer.

Buying a used/ refurbished computer

If you are not thinking of spending too much money for your computer then you can go for a used or refurbished computer. A computer system that has been sold back to the company and that has no working issues is called as refurbished computer. Although it has no issues, it cannot be sold again as a new computer. You can save a lot of money by buying a refurbished computer instead of a new one. Also many individuals are willing to sell their used computers for comparatively lower price. If you decide to buy a used computer from such person then you must check its condition before making a deal. You must check the following.

· Check that there in no physical damage in the computer system like broken case, or dislodged ports etc.

· Check that you are getting genuine operating system CD and other drivers and utilities Cds with the computer.

· Ask if you will have any warranty on the machine. You must keep in mind that warranty is not transferred by many computer manufacturers.

Other Basic things

The following are the basic things you must check before buying any computer (whether new or used)

Hard Drive - It is the storage device where all your data is stored. So you must make sure that you have enough of hard drive space in your computer. And its speed should be fast so that the computer doesn't slow down.

RAM (Random Access Memory) - It is the primary memory of the system and it affects the performance of the computer. So more is the memory, higher is the performance of the computer.

Processor - It is the most important part of the computer and everything in your computer is controlled by this unit. Fast processors are better for good performance.

Video Card - For better gaming experince having video card installed in you computer is a must.

Network Card - It allows you to connect through a internet broadband connection and also share files between computers by making a local area network.

Services, Support and Warranty - Make sure that you get best services and support for your system as you don't want that your computer crashes and stays off for a long time. Ask for the type of services you get with the computer like if the technician will be coming to your place and if there are any service centers available in your lacality. You must also look for the support and solutions provided by the company. And Warranty is also an impirtant factor to keep in mind.

Software - You must ask only for genuine softwares from the vendor wheter it be operating system like windows XP or Vista, or any other softwares like Microsoft Office. You must register your softwares and check on the websites for the authenticity of the software.

Brand Of Computer
Brand of the computer is not so important while buying a computer as the companies just assemble various components of the computers and most of the components are manufactured by reliable companies. Brand only comes in picture for the services and support they offer for the system. So my advice is that you must look for the brand that will provide you better after-sale-services and support for your machine.

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    • profile image

      Rashmi 7 years ago

      Nice hub, awesome information about the hardware. I will surely keep these things in mind