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GPS Reviews: 8 Best Sellers.

Updated on October 1, 2013

Global Positioning System (GPS)

If you are thinking of buying a GPS here is the low down on what is available out there for you to choose from.  If you do not know what a GPS is or what the letters stand for, here is the scoop on this great technology.  The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a space based system that provides navigation which provides your location when using the device.  The GPS utilizes satellites orbiting the Earth which broadcast a signal that is picked up by a GPS receiver.  Each receiver provides the location using latitude, longitude and altitude.  The uses among drivers are well known and find it in many new vehicles that come factory equipped with a GPS. 

Some areas that are becoming more popular are GPS watches for runners.  The GPS watch calculates your distance, speed, vitals and your location.  The location aspect can be used to notify the authorities in case of an emergency.  Even a more important use is a GPS watch for kids which aids in finding lost or missing children.  There are some great uses for GPS technology and many to choose from.  To help narrow it down I have looked at top rated systems at various price ranges to help you find one that is right for you.


Pioneer Car AVCD3X offers full navigation, music, and Bluetooth system. It integrates all of your car needs into one easy to use system with touch screen. It is easy to use, has sound options and allows you to customize backgrounds. When using you Bluetooth it connects to your phone when you enter your car and uses your phone-book. The one downside to this is that there is only one disk slot but if you have an iPod then that is easily taken care of.

Display size: 6.1 inches


Kenwood has all-in-one in-dash system that has everything you would want. From Satellite radio ready, DVD Receiver, HD Radio, USB Port, Bluetooth and more. There are not very many negatives to this unit. One complaint was that it was a little slow, but overall it got high ratings.

Display size: 6.1

Price: $1049.99 Retail


Valor Multimedia DDN-868W in dash multimedia receiver with navigation and DVD. Has built-in GPS navigation and DVD playback on a 6.2-inch touch screen. Also has CD, MP3, WMA, MPEG1, MPEG2, and Xvid capabilities. Bluetooth connectivity for hands free cell phone functionality.

Overall it received good reviews.

Cost:$699.00 Retail


Garmin StreetPilot 7200 comes with pre-loaded maps which includes MapSource City Navigator NT Europe and an SD card with updated North American maps. This Garmin has a 7 inch touch screen and built-in A/V input for connecting portable DVD player. This unit got great reviews and originally cost over $1000 and can now find them for as low as $280.


TomTom Go 910 Portable GPS has a four inch wide screen, Bluetooth technology, and has a 20 GB hard drive pre-loaded with maps. This unit has been discontinued but if you can find one it is worth it. For the price this is a great unit. This unit originally sold for $599.96.

Price: $499.00

Reviews of In-Dash to Handheld GPS Devices

Besta GPS-88 multi-language GPS unit easily stores location for later reference. It pinpoints location in unlisted areas and even in rural locations. Reviews for this unit were very good and a good buy.

Price: $349.99

Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld is ideal for out on the boat, snowmobiling, hiking, or other outdoor uses. This unit got great reviews with many of the complaints were from people that had no idea that many GPS units come with base maps. This is not a unit that is good in your car, which makes sense if you think about its purpose.

Price: $284-$535.99

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS receiver with heart rate monitor and used for sports such as, cycling, running, cross-country skiing and windsurfing. It provides the user with speed, distance and pace data.

Price: $299.99-$157.94


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