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Tips Advice and Suggestions when buying a new mobile cellphone

Updated on August 24, 2012
Front View of the Samsung Galaxy Y
Front View of the Samsung Galaxy Y
Back View of the Samsung Galaxy Y
Back View of the Samsung Galaxy Y | Source

Buying Guide for a new mobile phone

Android vs iPhone vs Nokia vs HTC vs LG vs Samsung? How to buy a new mobile phone? What are the important things to do when planning to buy a new phone? Want to know some tips whether to buy a Samsung, an iPhone, a Nokia, a HTC, etc...?

With so many handheld devices flooding the market, buying a new mobile phone could be a daunting task. Choosing a new phone is quite confusing and difficult that the questions posted above are just some of the many questions a would-be cellphone owner has.

Some people will go for the iPhone 4S simply because it is the latest product in the iPhone product line. Others would go for the Samsung Galaxy line of products specifically with the new Galaxy S3 with its powerful specifications and wide array of features and functions. While a few are still to loyal to Nokia with its new line of Windows phone and a handful are trying the new HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD P880.

Important tips and advice when buying a new mobile phone

Before moving on, here is a short summary on what this mobile phone buying guide aims to accomplish:

  • Facts and similarities between any kind of phone
  • Three basic things every phone buyer should know before buying
  • Things to do and suggestions when buying a mobile phone
  • Showcase high-end mobile phones as well as basic phone models with some functionalities also found on a high-end phone
  • Important functions and features that a phone should have
  • Problems Limitations and Disadvantages of some mobile phones and touch screen cellphone units
  • Things to do after buying the mobile phone

Facts and similarities between mobile phone devices

As mentioned, some people prefers touch screen only phones while others would still prefer a touchscreen with a full physical QWERTY keypad (like the Nokia Asha and Blackberry Torch 9810). Some would prefer those with very large screen display that are quite expensive while others would prefer a mid level unit with appropriate functionalities (like the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Nokia Lumia, etc…)

Samsung's Galaxy, Motorola, Nokia’s Lumia, Sony Ericsson, Apple’s IPhone, LG, etc… are all the same, they are all phones. There might be some difference in price, features, and specifications but fact of the matter is – a mobile phone is still a mobile phone. A buyer is just confused when buying a new phone because of so many brands and model to choose from.

For those who have not realized, what makes it more difficult for the consumer is that they know, after a few months, more upgraded models will come out. These consumers are afraid of experiencing the so-called “buyers remorse” which is the reason why they would wait for the prices of the units that they are eyeing for to go down. They are taking the chance to get their coveted units at a discounted price.

Unfortunately, this may further complicate things as it is possible that what is expensive today may be cheaper tomorrow as newer models are already out. What they want before may no longer be because naturally, they want the newer ones.

See, with the way mobile technology progresses, the consumer gets more mystified on what phone model to buy. Fortunately, the tips and suggestions provided here will somewhat assist the consumer on how to properly choose a mobile phone. The things to do in this phone buying guide will let the reader realized the type of phone that they should buy.

Three important things to know when buying a new mobile phone

How to buy a new mobile phone? Every phone consumer should know these three important tips and suggestions before buying a mobile phone:

KNOW what you want --- what features are you looking for? Are you a music lover, a social networking addict, a movie lover, an eBook worm, etc...

KNOW what you need --- do you really need the features that you think you want? Are you enticed and tempted with the newest phone models but deep inside you don't need them? Actually, if your a busy person, chances are, you wouldn't be able to enjoy a feature packed smart phone

KNOW what you have --- how much money do you got? how much are you willing to spend for the new smart phone? Needless to say, the more powerful and popular the phone, the more expensive it is.

Important features and functions that a phone should have

Aside from the basic communication features, new mobile phones can be a video player, mp3 player, high resolution camera, mobile PC, Wifi internet hotspot, etc… Listed below are some important features and functions that your next phone should have:

  • Processing speed should be sufficient enough that its video player (default or downloaded) can play any type of video files without noticeable lags
  • Radio functionality without the use of headset
  • Huge internal memory or external memory card slot – this is so that the phone can be used as a portable hard disk, file / storage backup, can store numerous entertainment file like eBooks, mp3s, avi, etc…
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 16 million colors with at least 3 inch display
  • A decent camera
  • Can be used a wifi internet hotspot

The phone features and functions listed above are suitable even for a non-techy person. The features and functions listed can also be found on certain inexpensive phones – low-level to mid-level phones.

Important suggestions when buying a new phone

For those who have already an idea of what phone to buy –

Listed below are some of the essential things to do before buying the particular device. Be sure to consider the listed suggestions carefully.

  • Do some research about the phone’s hardware specifications, functionality, features, etc...
  • Check online reviews about the mobile phone
  • Don’t forget to research about problems and limitations of the particular device
  • If you know someone who owns the device, borrow and feel it – does the mobile phone appeals to you, is the size just right, check out the speed performance if it lags when you open some apps or functions, etc…
  • If you don’t know someone who owns the device, go to the mall or any store that sells the product and check it out first-hand. For obvious reasons, checking the actual phone is different than simply looking at its pictures
  • Ask how long is the warranty and will it be replaced if there is any factory defect
  • Ask yourself if you will be satisfied with the phone for the next few years. This may seem awkward to some but this is definitely important an thing to do before buying the phone

No matter if it is expensive or not, ask yourself if the phone that you are going to buy can keep you company and satisfied for the next few years without being tempted to buy for another one.

Things to do in buying a cellphone

For those who does not have any idea on what to mobile phone model to buy –

The steps are quite similar to the ones mentioned above with a few additions.

  • Before anything else, set a price limit or budget limit that you are willing to spend. There are numerous phone models out there and this objective easily weeds out those units that are beyond your allowable price limit
  • Next, search and look for current mobile phone models. This can either be done on the internet or by going to local malls and phone retailers. FYI please that current phone models does not mean the latest phone products as surely those are quite expensive
  • Be sure to check out various phone models – don’t be contented with only one. The popular phones nowadays are Samsung’s Galaxy, Nokia’s Lumia, Apple’s iPhone, and HTC’s One X
  • List down all the phones of interest and be sure to list the model and brand
  • Next thing to do after looking and listing the various mobile phone models, it is now time to do some web research. Search about the features, specifications, pricing, offers, reviews, user opinions, etc… It is important to check the phone’s functions to see if it has what you require or if it can suit your needs. Additionally, do some specification comparison with similar phones from different models or brands
  • Again, ask yourself if you would be satisfied with this phone and if it will serve its purpose for the next few years.

Final things to do when buying a new phone

Finally, after purchasing the phone, be sure to safe keep the box and manuals. Even if you’re a seasoned phone user, the manual will still come in handy. It may also come in handy, if your planning to re-sell the phone. It might sell faster if it still has the box and other original products that came in the package.

Have fun, be wise, and consider the tips and suggestions when buying a new phone!


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