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CB Radios Today

Updated on March 29, 2009

CB Radios Today

CB Radios today are not anywhere near as popular as they were in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Back then there was constant conversation among people over the CB, and today there just isn’t. The only place I hear people talking on CB radios is on the highways where all the semi trucks have them. So yes, they are still in use, and still as much fun as they were back then, the only thing is not as many people use them.

Today, instead of using CB radios to communicate with friends from car-to-car, people use cell phones, eliminating the need for CBs. People today just don’t see the need for CB radios. Well, I do see their point in a lot of cases, but I just think they are so much fun to use with or without your friends on the other end of the conversation.

CBs are great for informing other people of bears taking pictures (police officers using radar guns) up the road a ways, and telling them to watch their speed. I hear things like this quite a bit while using my CB. More uses for the CB are asking questions like “What is the speed limit here,” “Where are you going and where did you come from,” and (my favorite) “Where is the closest Taco Bell?”

No, truckers are not the only ones who use CB radios. I know two people who have them in their cars, and they use them quite a bit. I have also seen other cars around where I live that have CB antennas on top of their cars or trucks. I’m not a trucker, and I have a CB radio!

Advances in Technology

CB radios come in either a mobile/base station and microphone combo that is usually installed in your car, or a handheld radio that has a rechargeable battery that you can take anywhere. I use the handheld CB in a car. The antennas come in various lengths, mounting options, and construction. To use the mobile CB radio, you have to buy an antenna to put on your cars roof (these usually use magnets to stay on) to get reception worthy of a good conversation. Handheld CB radios come with a rubber ducky antenna (a flexible rubber antenna), or they can be connected to the same type of antenna the mobile units use with an adapter. Many upgrades are also available, such as external speakers for more volume on the road, new microphones, long range antennas, etc.

Just like they used to, CB radios have 40 channels to choose from. Channel 19 is the most common for highway use, and channel 9 is used for emergencies, like reporting an accident or a fire. Some CB radios come with weather channels built in, so when you are driving, you can hear what the weather is like where you are going. My CB radio has 7 NOAA weather channels programmed into it.

CB Radios with Bluetooth

Yes it’s true. CB companies are keeping up with pop culture and putting Bluetooth into their CB radios. Famous CB manufacturer Cobra has designed a CB radio with Bluetooth (Cobra 29 LTD BT), with the idea of making cell phone calls while driving easier. It gives you the ability to talk on the phone with the push of a button. The Bluetooth CB radio allows you to sync your cell phone with the radio, so they work together. This radio also includes the noise-canceling microphone for a crisper, clearer conversation. Should’ve seen something like this coming sooner or later…

I wish more people would use CB radios.

10-4, Good Buddy,


Cobra CB Radio with Bluetooth
Cobra CB Radio with Bluetooth

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