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Updated on September 24, 2014

-By Simrat Singh (Sam)

In this new age where organizations are going on a ‘techno-spree’, evolving and extending there IT capabilities beyond the horizon. Unfortunately still there are wrong assumptions drawn about cloud computing, some are disconcerting and some are just hilarious. First let me start by saying that when we say ‘cloud’ we are referring to the ‘virtual computing services where the users share resources, software, applications, and information over the internet’ and not the visible mass of liquid water droplets and frozen crystals with various chemical gases floating in the sky! Here are some common misconceptions about cloud:

Misconception no.1:
‘When you use cloud you don’t have data privacy or security.’

This is by far the most common misconception that ‘if you are outsourcing computing of data to cloud, you are putting the information at a security risk’. It all comes down to the use of appropriate technologies same as in your in-house system. In fact there is greater chance of data getting compromise in-house if you are not using proper security, than on Cloud Company’s well protected server. Thus there is no certainty of the degree of risk being higher in the cloud computing. It is advisable to choose a provider who has high security standards.

vTech provides high-performance security to protect the virtualized data center and extended cloud with firewall and intrusion prevention services (IPS) capabilities. vCloud Security helps you safely and confidently leverage cloud computing services and solutions.

Misconception no.2:
‘If the cloud server provider suffers equipment or server failure, I would lose my data!’

It’s a common misconception that if your cloud service provider suffers equipment failure the data will be lost and some even believe it will also remove backups from your own devices, first of all, almost all of the cloud provider out there have multiple backups in different servers for contingencies, and this is often called the fail-safe option. For e.g. there is a power outage in the New York server then the traffic will be diverted to the backup data in the company’s D.C. servers, Making cloud a safer bet. Our vCloud Backup solutions are complete with all contingencies assessment to provide optimum service.

Misconception no.3:
‘Cloud computing solutions are making my job obsolete.’

Technology, eliminating the human element form all jobs might be true in coming future but it’s not judgment day yet. Still if you’re worried about some technology taking over your job, chances are, your job is already in risk. Fact of the matter being that cloud computing wont displace jobs in the IT department it would just change the IT roles and responsibilities over time, All you can do is adapt.

Misconception no.4:
‘When you move to cloud you have to buy all the cloud services’

This particular misconception is completely wrong, you can easily customize the type of the cloud services you want, whether you want cloud storage, cloud backup or you want computing services, you need not buy all just to use one. You can use certain system components but you need to consider the various data processing system components in correlation to your use.

Misconception no.5:
‘To move to cloud you need to change your entire IT infrastructure network’

When moving to cloud you will have to change your entire IT Infrastructure only if it’s a prehistoric dinosaur, awful and needs replacement anyways, otherwise it’s a safe bet. Usually the bandwidth is not a problem but the better it is more advantage you have. Nothing has to change in order to leverage cloud computing all it takes is a visionary step towards the future. But still if you need to improve your IT network, vTech solution can provide the optimum network services.

To know more about our services please log on to:

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