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Computer Laptop Vs. Desktop

Updated on July 29, 2016

Computer Laptop vs. Desktop

Ever wonder how convenient a laptop is when compared to a desktop, of course both has its pros and cons. First off a laptop is compact and easier to hide, whereas compared to a desktop which is usually stationary in one specific place. Think of laptops, they come with a

battery where you don't have to worry about cords spreaded out across the floor. A person usually has to buy a power strip in order to have enough room to plug up all the different cords, that comes with a desktop. All the information that a person wants to know, is stored on computer's, but what an individual have to decide is, do i want to sit behind a desk for hours researching information, or would i rather carry around with me, all the information that is on a laptop.

When it comes down to making a decision to buy a laptop or a desktop, it can be kind of stressful. When making your decision, just remember that a desktop is best when there isn't a lot of travel involved. A laptop is for a person who is mobile and on the run a lot. Knowing some of the pros and cons of both computers, will help you come up with the best decision that is best for you.

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