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Updated on November 21, 2009

SOFTWARE COPYRIGHT LAWS: Computer software is now converted by the copyright design and patents Act 1988and has the same status as a literary work, retaining copyright for 50 years after publications.Provision of the act make it illegal to:

  • Copy software. 
  • Run pirated software.
  • Transmit software over a telecommunication line,thereby creating a copy.

According to this Act,all rights of the copyright-protected materials are reserved with the person or organization .Without the permission of owners ,no one can make a copy of that material and if someone does so,he/she is criminal according to this law.In a similar way,the software copyright-protected software or use or buy it.There have been many cases in which the criminal is punished by the court in such a way that all the earning from illegal copying is paid to its legal owner.


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