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Cyber Attack or Emp Detonation Survival

Updated on August 17, 2019
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Member of the NC Disaster Relief, Member of SC Disaster Relief, Member of PrepperNet

pre-1900's machinery
pre-1900's machinery | Source

Waking Up !!!!!!

You are waking up on a Monday morning, but something is wrong. The sun is shining brightly through the window and you normally get up before sunrise. There is no aroma of the automatic coffee maker that normally starts before you wake. The alarm did not go off !!! You realize that you are late for work, then jump out of bed and run to the bath room, only to find out that the lights will not work. There is no electricity at all. There must have been a storm that knocked out the power. You then pick up your cell phone, only to find out that it is not working either. You start to panic !!

Banks and Money Systems Down !!

When you finally get dressed and go outside, you find an absence of automobile,truck and traffic on the roads. There is a gathering of people on the corner, all talking about what happened to take out the electricity. They said that there were no big thunder-boomers last night and no one could get news of any kind, even on portable radios. All of the people on the street corner said that their vehicle would not start this morning, either. Something more had to happen, than just an electrical storm.

Then there are more people walking down the street and they look very scared, almost in panic. They said that they were downtown and all the businesses are closed, all the banks and ATM's are down and there is no electricity anywhere. All the people on the street are now panicking and wondering what to do. With all their money in the banks, the people could not buy anything, even if the stores would be open.

More people stated gathering and they started telling stories of an attack last night that knocked out all the electronics, computer systems and electrical grids, as well as computer components in vehicles.

This is just the start of a hopeless day, beginning for everyone. There has been an attack during Sunday night that has disabled the electrical grid, the banking system and all communications, as well as any thing that works with a computer network. The banks and money systems are down, the cell phones are non-working, the electrical grids have collapsed and the communications are gone.

What Happens After the Attack ?

Just like any disaster, there will panic, uncertainty, chaos, riots and looting. The best way to survive an attack is to prepare now, educate yourself and plan. In the absence of electricity, in a very short time, there would be shortages of food, medical supplies, drinkable water, shelter, heat, cooling and life supporting systems. Without a steady supply of supplies coming into the cities, the shortages of food would begin almost instantly. A person can live about 30 days without food and only about 3 days without drinkable water. In short terms, a person will die very quickly without food and water.

There are more than 7 billion people in the world and electricity is needed to feed, clothe, provide water and sanitation. The electricity is also needed to pump and process the fuel used to grow the food, transfer the water and for processing the food.

Almost every business, bank, factory, electricity grid, car, truck, tractor, train and communication device relies on electricity and computers to function. So, without electricity, almost everything stops and would be returned to the pre-1900's in a matter of minutes.

What would happen if your whole life savings, in e-money, vanished overnight? With a cyber attack on the banks, the money and all the information that would be stored, could also vanish. The ATM's would not be functional, The refrigeration and freezer units would quickly lose the frozen food, the hospitals could not operate, the police forces would be disbanded, the fires could not be put out and there would be civilian unrest, riots and total chaos.

What You can Do Now

What can you do now?

1) Have some extra cash stashed

2) Have some bartering materials

3) Have a plan of action, a meeting place and a back up plan

4) Have stockpile of food and water

5) Have a Bug-out-Bag, A Get out of Dodge Bag and an emergency essentials bag

6) Do not rely on cell phones, radios, telephones, TV's for communications

7) Have a retreat for safety

8) Educate your selves and be prepared

9) Learn Survival Skills

10) Learn and take Self-Defense Classes

11) Get a weapon and learn to use it

12) Get with others in the area that are also willing to educate themselves


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