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Can Artificial Intelligence Ever Surpass Human Writers?

Updated on June 5, 2020
PrateekJain24 profile image

Being a online content writer as a passion, I am really interested to discuss about whether humans senses can be beaten by AI.


Every now and then we hear about AI tools and innovative platforms taking away manual jobs. And currently, there are a lot of SEO companies utilising AI to rank the articles in the search engines. Will AI replace us in the future. This is a burning topic about our future and we should discuss this as we all are content creators. Please share your views.

Human intelligence, like human stupidity, is vast and immeasurable. Human brains have been created to think and evolve. The best scientists in the world have used nothing but their inherent intelligence to discover what is commonplace for us today. And that includes AI.

Yet, in today's technologically advanced world, we rely on calculators, computers, and mobiles for our every need. I do agree that these gadgets have made our lives super comfy. But, we don't need a calculator to tell us the answer of 7 times 8. Today's generation feels they do.

Relying on Machines

What can happen when we rely too much on machines? We become mechanical ourselves. Emotions are lost, ideas fail to emerge and frustration reigns. And we keep wondering why we aren't able to reach the level of happiness our earlier generations have even with so much digitisation all around. Such a generation will soon realise that they need bots to write, edit, and pretty much do everything for them. And in such a scary scenario, AI might just replace humans.

However, when humans-- the ones that aren't yet fully influenced by the machines around them-- write, they emote. They put into words their deepest thoughts and express their core feelings. When they edit, their vast knowledge comes to the fore, bringing with it a beautiful repertoiré of words and grammar.

Another Angle

Bots edit what they are asked to. But, even for that, it will need a human to program it such. Isn't that a limitation? So, finally who is winning? Humans, because we have been created to be irreplaceable, incomparable, invincible, unlike the robots.

So, to answer the question is will AI replace human editors? They will if human stupidity lets them. We can prevent that by reducing unnecessary reliance on technology. Let's get our brains working...and create magic. Artificial Intelligence will die a "natural" death when countered by human capability.

Most people have little knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and its capacities to win over human intelligence. Artificial intelligence, like most people believe, is not programming a computer to act and react like humans but is actually programming the computers to self-teach themselves how to act and react like humans. The bots learn from experiences and improve their systems by recognizing aspects of human behaviour that go unnoticed even by humans.

How many of us are experts in gauging facial expressions or understanding the deeper meanings? Would you call yourself a walking lie detector machine? No, humans can’t do that but the machine invented way back in the early 1900s can. Knowledge engineering combined with machine learning and neural networks has made tremendous progress and has come a long way in perceiving human emotions in response to stimuli and getting the computers to act and react the same way a human would in one situation or hundreds of isolated situations.

Computer Age

Letting a computer do its job is what our forefathers had envisioned, and present-day visionaries like Elon Musk have made it possible but it’s depressing to know that the common man in today’s world has let technology enslave itself without realizing that the outcome will affect not us folks who are living in the cusp of 70-80-90’s years and the modern era but will severely impact our children, their children and their children who may not have the capabilities that we have. But then are we as hardworking as our forefathers were? If they work hard, then we work smart. If we work smart, then our children will work in a way beyond our imagination.

When compared to our ancestors, it’s true that our physical endurance has greatly reduced. And so has our emotional perseverance and our understanding of the “deeper meaning”. We are all writers here who feel very deeply about the world, and we talk and write about emotions that people feel but can’t express.


Let me ask you - How many authors have the last decade or the last 5 decades produced that are comparable to the likes of Mark Twain, Robert Frost, Jane Austen, William Wordsworth and Charles Dickens? If you’ve read and analysed the writing of these authors, you’ll realize how deep the connection goes and how every word tickles your brain and brings a smile to your face. You may argue that there are some very good authors living in the current times, and I won’t disagree but tell me do you know any authors from yesteryears who got famous by writing poorly. Like Chetan Bhagat or Ravinder Singh, who are authors but don’t qualify to be called one.

The reason for citing this example is to shed light on how we have evolved - we might have become better skilled but some of our capacities and capabilities have reduced. And this is going to continue for years and years to come, and humans will one day learn to walk on the surface of the water with technology. Having said that, it is inevitable for technology to take over the human race but the intensity and the extent are well-guarded by homo sapiens, for he shall not let his race be endangered.

We have got to stop fearing Artificial Intelligence and worrying about how it would replace human skills and emotions, but it’s time we let technology be our guardian angel and assist us in our day to day proceedings.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prateek Jain


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