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Can I Make Time Lapse Videos With A SJ4000 Action Camera?

Updated on April 11, 2016

Setting Up Your SJ4000 For Time Lapse Videos

So I have been playing around with my SJ4000 that arrived around a week or so ago and have figured out how to make time lapse videos using this camera. It is very simple and another great reason to purchase this camera. Firstly you want to turn on your camera by holding the power button for a couple of seconds you probably already know how to do this. Now you want to press the power button until it takes you to the set up page. Once you have arrived to the set up page you need to find the option which says capture mode and select this option by pressing OK. Now you should have a few options one which says "single" and another which says 5s, 10s and 20s although it may be different on other cameras as I was looking around online and some cameras can do every 3 seconds. I have included a few pictures below so that you can see the options that you will need to select.

SJ4000 Time Lapse Set Up

SJ4000 time lapse set up
SJ4000 time lapse set up
SJ4000 Time Lapse Set Up
SJ4000 Time Lapse Set Up

Below is a video I made which shows you how to set up the SJ4000 to make time lapse videos.

Time Lapse Videos With The SJ4000

Now that you have done this all you need to do is return to the photo mode by pressing the power button until you arrive back to the photo mode. Now when you press the OK button to take a photo it will start to take photos every 5 seconds or what ever option you selected. So now that you have set this up it is time to make your own time lapse video. Set your camera up on a tripod somewhere ideally where this is a bit of movement like clouds moving or boats coming into a harbor and leave it to take photos for a while with the time lapse I made I think I left it for around 30 minutes. I have left a video below with the time lapse video I made in my back yard. There isn't a lot of movement but you get the idea. Also you can see the picture quality if you are interested in purchasing the SJ4000 camera.

Would I recommend The SJ4000?

Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there. I have only had my SJ4000 for a week or two and I am still playing around with it however so far it seems pretty good and I would definitely recommend purchasing this camera if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Gopro.


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