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Canon Macro 100mm Review

Updated on September 19, 2010
Many times the detail is revealed only after the image is viewed on the computer monitor.
Many times the detail is revealed only after the image is viewed on the computer monitor.

Canon 100mm Macro Lens

Macro photography can give you a thrill that is beyond description if you have not experienced it. Instantly you begin to look for tiny bitty objects and insects that will be your next remarkable shot.

Many times the magic does not happen right away. Then when you first look at your photos on a large laptop or computer display, there is a huge "aha" moment as you notice concealed stuff that you didn't even know was there. When you view the photo on a computer monitor, you can see so much more than you can without the advantage of 1-to-1 object enlargement of a true macro lens.

If you are a Canon EOS camera user, you have quite a few superb lenses available to you. In case you are one of the shoppers, this special Canon Macro 100mm Review is just for you.

100mm macro does a nice job with flowers
100mm macro does a nice job with flowers
A 100mm macro lens is a perfect choice to double as a portrait lens.
A 100mm macro lens is a perfect choice to double as a portrait lens.

Two Canon lenses carry the "100mm macro" designation. Both are prime lenses, signifying they have only one single focal length, and both are incredibly well-liked as witnessed on both Amazon and B & H Photo user reviews.

First is the Canon EF 100mm Macro USM Lens.

Canon has unquestionably given the technological innovation on their 100mm macro lenses their finest engineering efforts. You can see this by the following:

  • Image Quality - The crucial feature for any camera or lens is the Image Quality, and this lens delivers top of the line images that are sharp and crisp.
  • USM (ultra sonic motor) assists in super fast focusing
  • f/2.8 wide aperture for maximum shutter speed and excellent bokeh (bokeh is the blurry background that cause the main subject to stand out)
  • IS (image stabilization) so that you can hand hold your camera when taking shots with slower shutter speeds in low light.
  • The 100mm lenses may both be used on ALL Canon EOS cameras including full frame and crop frame sensors. This may seem obvious, but it is quite a major benefit if you are planning to add or upgrade a Canon DSLR camera.
  • 100mm macro lenses double as great portrait lenses. The Canon 100mm Macro does an exceptional job at this, as well as typical imagry, and many photographers use this lens as their main lens..

Macro photography is lots of fun as you search for new objects to shoot.
Macro photography is lots of fun as you search for new objects to shoot.

The "Other" Canon 100mm Macro Lens

Building upon the engineering of the first successful 100mm macro lens, Canon has improved upon the technology and released an additional model. The newer model has all the superb features of the original, with some additional quality improvements. The most current lens is, in fact, an "L" model. This is Canon's naming for its finest quality lenses. The added glass quality and components for building the lens raise the price about 40%, but just having an L lens in the bag is the best thing that can happen to a Canon owner.

There is a segment of photographers who believe that utilizing prime lenses is the only way to get the best shots. Not many would dispute that prime lenses offer superior quality than a lot of the zoom lenses. Therefore, the Canon 100mm macro lenses are two with the most effective quality on the market by any developer at any focal length.

This Chive bloom is less than 1/2 inch.
This Chive bloom is less than 1/2 inch.
Food photos are made easy with a good macro lens, too.
Food photos are made easy with a good macro lens, too.


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