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Canon Powershot S95 Digital Camera : Is it worth the hype?

Updated on January 29, 2015

Canon Powershot S95 may not seem to look very advanced at the first glance but it definitely can be a pro in compact cameras. The most preliminary thing that separates it from its rivals, is its comparatively larger CCD sensor. Cannon powershot S95 delivers quite satisfactory results as far as the image quality is concerned, since, the size and quality of the light sensors are one of the most substantial points to get higher quality pictures. Hence, it can easily replace the hefty DSLR cameras, whenever you have lesser space and want to carry lighter weight cameras with you.

The Canon Powershot S95 comes in a classic black simple design, which is neither too catchy to eyes, nor does it look like an understatement. This was a bit surprising for me, as many of the Canon's IXUS cameras that are cheaper than this one, look quite good in their appearances. According to Canon the camera has what they call an 'alumite' finish which is referred to the textured finish, quite similar to what you can find in many DSLRs. An advantage of this texture is that it keeps the surface smudge free.


Pros and cons of Canon Powershot S95 Camera

Pros of Canon Powershot S95 Camera:

  • The camera's controls are quite user friendly. 
  • The back of the camera is dominated by a 3-inch LCD, along with a nice D-pad and a normal control dial on the top. 
  • Canon Powershot S95, along with providing larger light sensor, also offers a big control ring around its lens. The ring can be easily rotated to configure the functions like optical zoom, ISO and manual focus mode. This helps in easily setting the control functions without letting go off the object you want to capture.
  • The advanced controls of the camera provide the facility to shoot both JPEG and RAW images. This facility is hardly provided by many of the compact cameras available today.
  • Apart from this, the camera provides complete manual controls, an ISO range of 80 - 3200 and a wide f2.0 fast lens that allows in more light. 
  • The lens in addition to letting in more light, also enables the facility to creatively blur the background as and when needed. 
  • The video quality provided by the camera is also quite good i.e.1280 x 720 pixels (720p) HD, with 30fps frame rate

Possible cons of Canon Powershot S95 Camera:

  • The flash is placed at the corner where usually people tend to hold the camera, so it may take some time to get hold of this.
  • Zoom lever is quite small and it requires some level of manual dexterity to get used to.
  • Relatively slow start up time.
  • Price is almost similar to Sony NEX-3 Camera, which can offer a DSLR-size APS-C sensor.

Check the great deals on both the Canon powershot S95 and Sony NEX-3 below:

If you want to go for some more features than what this one provides, you can get Canon PowerShot G12 at a bit higher price. The G12 offers various additional features like a 5x optical zoom, flash hotshoe, optical viewfinder, vari-angle LCD, and almost double the battery life.

Overall canon powershot S95 provides excellent image quality, thanks to its large sensor, though you might face very minute lens distortion, which can easily be ignored. If you want to get real high quality images, it would be apt to shoot in RAW format, though camera functions may become slow and obviously these high quality images take more storage space. As far as ISO performance is concerned - ISO 400 is quite good, though ISO 800 is normal. In nutshell, Canon powershot S95 can be a great investment for those who look for the quality images and small size cameras. 


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    • profile image

      Mani 6 years ago

      I am bit confuse over a question. Should i go for canon powershot s95 or Sony Nex-3.I have not used digi cam before. what i want is great pic. quality.please suggest.

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 7 years ago

      Thanks Om!! :) :)..I hope you like the camera as well!!

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 7 years ago

      It's almost time for me to buy a new camera. Still shopping around. This Powershot S95 sounds really cool and isn't too expensive. It will be one of my final choices for sure. Very helpful review. Thanks. :)

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 7 years ago

      he he....I bought this one for my sister!! She absolutely lovesssssss it!! :) :) :)

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

      Love the Cannon and kinda wish I'd gotten this one instead of my Nikon - but it does the trick, too!