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Canon Printer Drivers Download

Updated on June 21, 2010

Locating and Download Canon Drivers for Free

To locate your Canon brand printer drivers you must first identify your printer model. Check the device for a badge or sticker. This is commonly found on the back or bottom of the printer. It should have the model number or serial number. You can use these numbers at the manufacturer website to look up your printer.

Searching for the proper driver can be a frustrating process. With the anonymity of the Internet there are many sites looking to inflict damage to your PC. What looks like the driver you need could actually be a virus in disguise. What started as a simple driver download could turn into a painful virus removal process and possibly lost data. So with that in mind, take caution in where you accept you files, perform the proper virus scanning procedure on all files downloaded. First check the manufacturer site and if available download your driver from there. If you are unable to locate your file on the manufacturer site, proceed cautiously to other sources.

Automatic Driver Update

Another good place to look for your Canon printer drivers is with automatic driver update software. There are many companies offering this type of software but in my opinion the best available is Driver Detective. In business since 1996, Drivers HeadQuarters has established themselves as a reputable source for driver updates. With their popular Driver Detective software you will have access to a database of over 2 million device drivers. Quickly update your drivers automatically with a few clicks of your mouse. The process is safe and secure along with a great customer support team on hand to assist you. If you are having trouble locating any driver, give Driver Detective's free scan a try.

>> Free Driver Scan <<


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