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Canon VIXIA HV40 Review and Price Philippines

Updated on March 18, 2012
My new Canon HV40
My new Canon HV40

Canon HV40 Review

The first thing that really attracted me to this camcorder (back when it was still the HV20, its first installment) is its 1.8 aperture lens. Having a background in photography, I knew the advantages right away even in lower light situations. I was reading about it in a PC world magazine. During that time HD was still very new as compared to now when it really is becoming a new standard that is replacing NTSC broadcast. The more I researched about it, the more I learned to love it and appreciate its power. And now, in the HV40, it has become even more powerful because of its capability to record 24p directly on tape (not on 60i) giving it that ideal film-look I really love.

I started looking for Canon HV40 test shots. I saw this one video on Vimeo that wass shot with an HV30 that made me desire for the camcorder even more. It was a short scene of a guy walking in the rain. It was so vivid and realistic and film-like even when I wasn't even viewing it in HD mode. From then on I knew the potential of the camcorder and how it can help me with my film-making aspirations. Since then I kept it from people, telling only people who are close to me about it. Until eventually, my dad was able to buy me one. And now, I actually just finished shooting and editing my test shots. I am surely more than satisfied.


I remember before in my old videos that I edit with Adobe After Effects, I was just using a digital camera. Now, the possibilities are just so endless and I can't wait to begin working on projects with this Canon VIXIA HV40 Camcorder. It really is the best camcorder in its price range and it is perfect for aspiring film-makers because its quality is very superior considering its price. I knew I had no money for a 3CCD and I was really doubtful of getting a DSLR with video (as much as I would have loved the interchangeable lens). There is actually a lot of dispute with DSLR video such as sound, AF problems, and artifacts showing up in lower-end models (because the shutter works differently as compared to camcorders that were made specifically for video).

Canon HV40
Canon HV40

Canon HV40 Specs

  • 1.8 aperture
  • up to 1/2000 shutter speed
  • Native 24p
  • Autofocus
  • Bigger camera sensor in its price range
  • Cine Mode (a preset that simulated film-look)
  • Shutter priority
  • Apertuer priority
  • 10x zoom

If you are wondering what is new with the HV40 compared to the HV20 or the HV30 check out the Canon HV40 HV30 HV20 Comparison.

My Canon HV40 Test Shots


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      joe 6 years ago

      do you want to make a movie with me Carlo This is my Facebook

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      joe 6 years ago

      were 10x zoom is cannot to target on far

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      carlo 6 years ago

      pls email me at

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      carlo 6 years ago

      hi, where can i buy a canon hv40 since canon has phased it out already ?CAn U HELP me?