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Can't connect to the internet (ADSL connection)

Updated on June 19, 2013

I believe we feel the same way when were using our computer and surfing the net then all of a sudden its disconnected. Unable to view pages, unable to view Facebook and other sites because we don't have internet connection, internet is not working. Internet is very important for all of us especially if your getting your income using this. So its really frustrating when your internet is disconnected.

We are going to tackle No Connection issues and here are the steps on how to troubleshoot this problem.

Power cycle the computer and modem

Turning off and turning on the computer and modem usually fix this issue. It will refresh your devices circuit boards by doing a power cycle.

Check the dial tone on your phone line (applicable only on ADSL connection)

Check first if there's any dial tone on your phone. This is very important because if you have ADSL connection your internet is getting its signal from the phone line. So if you don't have dial tone then you have checked the internet and its not working call your service provider so they could perform a line test on your line.

Cable connection

Check if all the cables are connected properly from the phone line to your modem and from your modem to your computer.

Reinsert all the cables

Try to reconnect all the cables, unplug the re-plug it, Sometimes we move our computer and router. So probably the cables are not inserted or its barely connected from the computer and router/ modem ports.

Reset the modem into factory default

You can do this by press and hold the reset button at the back of your modem. Sometimes you'll see a small hole there. That's the reset button. Or sometimes you need to access your modem interface by typing the URL link on your browser. Usually the link is (It depends on your ISP - Internet Service Provider). After you have access the modem interface page you just need to look on how to reset the modem into factory default.

Use different computer

This is very easy you just need to use another computer. If that one works fine. It means that the problem is your computer. There's a lot of ways to troubleshoot it. You can do a system restore by using your previous configuration. Or Re-install some network drivers. But if all of these doesn't work It would be good if you'll back up your files and try to so the system recovery. System recovery means reloading your OS. It will restore your computer into factory default.

Call your ISP (Network Provider)

If all the steps are performed properly you don't have a choice you need to call your service provider so they can perform a line test on their end. Probably they have technical issues on their site or exchange.

If you tried everything, your best bet would be a professional technician or a field technician from your ISP to check if there's any problem in your area.


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