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Best Car Audio Brand

Updated on October 11, 2016

Finding the equipment to meet your needs and budget can be a little over-whelming sometimes. This informative review will cover the car audio brand, Alpine, and answer many questions for everything from a budget replacement or upgrade system to an all out competition set-up. Any questions or statements will be addressed in the comment section.

The first step in deciding where your current audio system stands and where you want it to be, is deciding what you want replaced, upgraded or added. Another thing to consider is what level of sound do you want your system to end with. If you plan on just replacing old and worn-out equipment, there are some products available that will fit into a budget without sacrificing reliability or quality. One very important aspect of researching and buying your products is to stay away from buying direct from a dealer or store. I recommend buying online. Many websites are authorized dealers of Alpine products and offer free shipping of the product, while other sites sell on a warehouse basis which will net you a hefty discount. Only research will allow you to find these internet deals. Lucky for you, I have done most of the research already and am more than willing to share it.


Alpine is a very reputable brand in the car audio scene and has been for many, many years. They build their speakers, amps, subwoofers, and head units with top of the line material, and they can meet your needs. Anything from replacements to competition, Alpine has what you need.



Alpine Headunits or Receivers -

Alpine head units have been the top dogs on the market for years. Great quality and a great price per quality value have helped them achieve the status as some of the best receivers on the market. They sport great features like a high power internal amp for pumping out the highs and mid-range sounds, and a great subwoofer interface for adding aftermarket amps and subs. They also use a lighting feature called BioLite Graphics technology. This interesting tech allows the screen to be super bright, vibrant, and easy to see at night, but still allows perfect visibility in full day time driving. Another of Alpine's stereo features, is also their most notable. All Alpine receivers sport full Ipod compatibility. They have usb ports in the rear of the unit to allow Ipod hook-up and then the receiver takes over the control of the ipods menus all from the headunit.


Alpine Amplifiers -

Alpine amplifiers have, on some occasions, been labeled over-priced. I do agree that they are costly; However in this day and age, the saying "you get what you pay for" has never been more truthful. Alpine amps are some of the most efficient and high powered amps on the market. They offer them in many different wattage ratings, and all of them feature low pass crossover for sound quality, subsonic filters to keep your subs safe from super low frequencies,and multiple heatsinks to allow super efficient cooling. Long story short, you may have to pay a little more than usual, but, for these amps, they are totally worth it.


Alpine Speakers -

Alpine speakers(door/mid-range) are also held pretty high in the hifi audio world. This is understandable once you see what they are made of and how they sound. Their cone is made of a hybrid fiber material, they sport beefier and bigger magnets then most "door" speakers, and they offer built in crossovers to protect the tweeters from low frequency music and vice versa with the midbass driver. They can easily handle any power you throw at them with their high power ratings, and sound great in a stock or custom application. Alpine offers very versatile speakers at a competitive price.


Alpine Subwoofers -

Alpine subwoofers are really what most of the people are looking for. And its easy to see why. Kevlar cones, high amplitude surround, frame designed with heat transfer in mind, and very high power handling make these very desirable for someone with high end sound in mind. They are offered in many sizes for different applications, and will belt out those low notes all day. They are some of the deepest and loudest subwoofers on the market. If you are considering a purchase of any Alpine sub, stop thinking, and start doing. You will not be disappointed when you hear the quality of any Alpine subwoofer.


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    • uncagedshadow profile image

      uncagedshadow 15 months ago

      Im sorry you had issues. did you try contacting Alpine directly?? 6 weeks on new equipment their warranty should have stepped in

    • profile image

      k.graham-watson 3 years ago

      Alpine is the werst system I am invouled in I would not buy another.After only 6 weeks it stopped working, still wating to get it back after 3 weeks in repear shop. I will be demanding my money back £745.00. Don't buy alpine.