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Case Logic eSling Bags Small Bag for Small Electronic Gadgets

Updated on March 5, 2012


Case Logic has done it again. The Case Logic eSling Bag is perfect for those miniature electronics such as netbooks, digital cameras, flip video cameras, external hard drives and flash drives.

Small Electronic Gadget get lost in a Large Bag

Portable electronics are small and they go with you by design. If you carry them in a bag that is too large they act like a key that hides at the bottom of a woman’s handbag. It is never convenient to empty the bag to find the one item that has escaped your attention.

Large pockets are good things except when you are tempted to combine items to make use of the space. Scratches on shiny exteriors and broken screens can be casualties of too much space.

A flash drive or tiny MP3 player can drop to the corner of a large pocket. Digging them out will undoubtedly disrupt the organization that was there earlier.

Netbooks need much less space than a full size laptop. Most netbooks measure about 10.1 inches. A bag such as the eSling holds a netbook snug.

Is the Case Logic eSling Bag large enough

Unless you carry everything you own in the same bag the Case Logic eSling Bag should be just the right size. There are a few different designs and sizes of the eSling Bags.

There is a messenger design which has a front flap and the Sling Style without the front flap.

Personally I like the eSling style the best because I like that the shoulder strap is asymmetrical. Instead of attaching at the sides of the bag – one end attaches to the front of the bag and the other end attaches to the opposite side on the back of the bag.

Regardless of the bag design there are multiple inside and outside pockets. There are slip pockets and there are zipper pockets. Securities for your gadgets are taken into consideration in the design of the bags.

Personal items can be carried as well. A wallet, keys and sunglasses can find a home along with the gadgets.

A Designated Padded Pocket for Netbooks

Even though the overall size of the Case Logic eSling Bags are small there is a designated padded pocket for your netbook. It is soft and will not scratch the surface on even the shiniest surfaces.

The padded netbook pocket is completely separate from other pockets. Other items in the bag will not put too much pressure on your netbook and odd shaped gadgets should not interfere.


Debbie’s Opinion

I like the Case Logic eSling Bags. They are a great size for either a woman or a man. They are small enough to carry on a daily basis in any situation.

If you sometimes need more space for larger electronics the eSling Bags could fit into a larger bag. My gadget life and my personal life in intertwined on a daily basis. The eSling Bags do not look odd when walking into a grocery store for example.

The Case Logic eSling bags are lightweight so the gadgets do not have to compete. I would not want to leave my digital camera behind because of the added few ounces.

I would like to see more color. Black bags are fine but I like to have a little fun with my gadgets sometimes.


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