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Case-Mate iPad 2 Pop! Case - Hard Shell Lined with Rubber - Pop-Out Stand

Updated on April 8, 2014

For those of you that like a hard shell cover for the back of your iPad 2 the Case-Mate pop! Case is a great one to check out. There is an option of white with grey or black with grey.

Either one is good looking and is built to protect the iPad 2 without too much weight or bulk.

The hard plastic shell protects the back of the iPad 2 and the grey rubbery lining forms a small lip around the Touchscreen to further its protection as well. My husband has a CandyShell Case on his iPhone that looks and feels similar to this Case-Mate Pop! iPad 2 Case. The feel is good and the protection is substantial for such a minimalist case.

Available in White or Black

Best Features of the Case-Mate iPad 2 Pop! Case

It is a protective hard shell with a rubbery lining

It has a rubbery lip that protects the Touchscreen without being obtrusive

There is a choice between White and Black (each is lined with grey rubbery material)

Sides have rubbery insets for better grip

All ports, buttons, speakers and cameras are accessible (the screen on-off button and the volume rocker functions with special rubbery covers)

The pop-out stand is built-in

Advertising is not too obvious

The Case-Mate iPad 2 Pop! Case is lined with the same rubbery material as the lip I spoke of before. The back of your iPad 2 is very much protected from scratches and minor bumps.

I would not try dropping my iPad 2 while in this case – but sometimes I bump it while moving it from my bag to my desk – especially when I get distracted while in motion. If the unthinkable happens and you drop your iPad 2 Touchscreen down there is a better chance that nothing bad will happen – but of course there are no guarantees.

There are so many variables of a bump or drop - all the Case-Mate iPad 2 Pop! Case can promise is a chance that the iPad 2 will not be damaged. Rubbery insets on each side of this case provides extra grip.

The Case-Mate Pop! Case has a feature that may be found on other iPad 2 cases – however it will not be as unique in form and function. There are no flaps to tuck, no creases to fold or swivels to twist – there is simply a stand that pops out of the back of the case.

While not in use it tucks into its groove and stays out of your way. It is always connected so there is nothing to lose. It has rubbery corners so it will not scratch any surface that you set it on.

If advertising on your iPad accessories is something that bothers you – this case is somewhat better about that. Yes, the name is on the case but it is not nearly as noticeable as some.

The letters are formed into the surface of the case but they are all the same color as the case so unless you are looking for it – you may miss it. There is a small symbol painted on but again – it is not noticeable as obvious advertising.


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      Emeline 2 years ago

      This artlcie is a home run, pure and simple!