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Cell Phone Lookups - How To Find Out Who's Calling You

Updated on December 11, 2009

If you've ever had a random missed call and are wondering how to find out who's calling you, you are not alone. Thousands of people everyday are searching to find out what that unidentified number on their cell phone is.

Possibly its a telemarketer, possibly someone you really need to talk to. There are different ways of finding out excatly who's calling. Cell phone lookups services are just one way. These are companies that have access to large databases of information. They can identify the owner of a phone number even if the user is trying to find out who owns an unlisted number.

Trying To Search On Your Own

Many times, for a hard to find number you will have to pay for a service that will search through the cell phone databases. But first, see if you can find the number on your own.

In Google. Type the phone number like so with quotes around the number "xxx-xxx-xxxx" then search. you may start seeing results that list many numbers under topics that appear to be from message boards of other individuals looking for the same number. These will generally be mass cell phone spam telemarketing phone numbers.

If its not a telemarketer and your lucky, the owner of the cell phone may have there number listed on a webpage such as a profile page. Bingo. You can end your search.. If you come up with a dead end.. Consider the cell phone look-up services. Keep in mind. If the cell phone number belongs to a prepaid phone, it may not be traceable.

Cell Phone Look Up Services

There are many out there. Find one that charges per phone trace. This way your out of pocket expense is less then $5. Sometimes you can find them for as little as 99 cents for trial offers.

If you are looking to regularly look up cell phone numbers, consider a subscription or membership service. There is generally a monthly fee of $30 to $60 but if you do many a month, it may be worth it. 

Research what information is provided. If the site does not offer to give the full name. Ditch it. Some only give the name of the carrier and the general location. This is no good, it could be anyone calling you. Make sure that the service promises to give full names and if they don't follow through, request a refund of their services and cancel your subscription.


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    • harrisdy profile image

      hdy 8 years ago from Texas

      great tips!