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Texting Cell Phones: Shocking Truth Behind Text Messages

Updated on September 26, 2011

Cellphones…they call, they text, they e-mail, they take pictures, they take videos, they are game consoles, there your local weather forecast, they are the “find a…” map to everything, they have movie times and the whole world wide web, some stream videos and some record your voice…and of course…most of them text message. Looking at this list it looks like this handy-dandy gadget is all we need…or is it? For the luxury of these items we pay the expenditures. I am not talking about the ringtones or the wallpapers, the programs or the videos. Keep your eyes peeled, because most of us forget this aspect and then wonder why at the end of the month we have no pocket money. Learn the number one profit maker for the company, as because of this they are making more and more, and we are losing what we have. Cutting this out will save you a ton per year!

A Phone that would be great for texting.
A Phone that would be great for texting.

What the heck am I blabbing on about someone might ask?

Text Messaging.

…What is the problem with Text Messaging?

What is the problem with text messaging? The problem is the cost to do so. Look at some of the plans, text messaging is pay per message or $amount for 300, 500, 1000, unlimited etc. Why do we pay for sending text? For one minute of talk time you can say a lot more then a text, and in the end it’s cheaper to call then text! Has anyone else noticed on computers there are these “FREE” messengers you can text to each other on? Some include:

Aim (Aol Instant Messenger)

Msn (Microsoft Messenger)

Google Talk

Yahoo Messenger

Just to name a few!

All of those cost you nothing, now if you get a “cell phone” to be a “phone” then there isn’t much of a reason you need to text, think about it…a phone is a device used for vocal communication between two or more people who aren’t close enough to each other to normally talk to them. Cellphone companies love that teenagers and kids are addicted to text messaging. The cost doesn’t look bad at all, but just to fill everyone in here are some current offerings from major brand companies and the cost of use per year-with it all written outright, you might be shocked!

AT&T Logo
AT&T Logo

AT&T Text Message Charges:

>Unlimited For Family Plan - $30/mo Half Year= $180 Year=$360 ($1 a Day!)

>Messaging Unlimited For Single $20/mo Half Year= $120 Year=$240 (~65 Cents a Day!)

>Messaging 1500 $15/mo Half Year= $90 Year= $180 (18,000 texts for ~1 Cent a Text!)

>Messaging 200 $5/mo Half Year= $30 Year= $60 (2,400 texts for ~2.5 Cents a Text!)

Verizon Wireless Logo
Verizon Wireless Logo

Verizon Wireless:

All I could find is if you get the cheapest Basic plan of $59 (total) then each message is 20 cents each!!  (10,000 Texts for $2,000!!!!!)

Virgin Mobile Logo
Virgin Mobile Logo

Virgin Mobile:

Pay As You Go:

> 200 Texts $5/mo Half Year= $30 Year= $60 (2,400 texts for ~2.5 Cents a Text!)

> 1000 Texts $10/mo Half Year= $60 Year = $120 (12,000 texts for ~1 Cents a Text!)

> Unlimited Texts $20/mo Half Year= $120 Year= $240 (~65 Cents a Day!)

Monthly Plan:

>1000 Texts $5/mo Half Year= $30 Year= $60 (12,000 texts for ~.5 Cents a Text!)

>Unlimited Texts $10/mo Half Year= $60 Year = $120 (~32 Cents a Day!)

Clearly, for the texts these cellphone companies make a ton. The totals are shocking, what do you think you could have done with the money? The solution is simple, when you get a cell phone use it like a phone, you don’t need to text unless you have the extra money! Just call people with the phone and talk to them online for free when you want to just text chat back and forth. This add-on is exactly what these companies wish for you to do.

Bottom Line…

Now you know the big secret to how cellphone companies make so much money! But do as you wish, I would think people would want to spend there money in a more meaningful way then typing:

Lol =)

If you’re a die-hard text messenger and whatever you hear or what I prove will not stop you from spending a lot of extra money I would suggest texting on the Monthly Virgin Mobile plan. For unlimited texts for 32 cents a day you can’t go wrong.

I want to think all my readers for reading this hub about the evil texting. If you need a plan with built-in unlimited texting then use it, or if there are any bundled into the package by all means text away! But beware…if you go over you will probably be paying about 5-25 cents PER message over your plan!


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