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CellAllure Smartphone Company

Updated on June 17, 2014

CellAllure The Company

I currently stumbled upon a company named CellAllure and I have to say I'm impressed. A company that offers smartphones for this low of a price kind of shocked me. At first I had to check out the legitimacy of the company. I did my homework and couldn't find too much at least in the United States outside of there main website. However, I checked out there South America holding and found it to be a large staple in the industry. In Mexico they are a leading smartphone manufacturer in the industry. Mexico loves CellAllure, the Chic II is a large seller as is the Chic mini and the Monster. Mexico is what's actually brought most exposure to the companies line up of products. There are a few different people on YouTube showing off the abilities of the product. The reviews and information are currently in Spanish, however, there will be English reviews soon.

The Monster

The Monster which has a 6.4 inch HD screen is an impressive phone in stature and in power. The phone literally plays movies with the power of most computers. Another thing was it had a double sim card slot. This meant you could have two numbers and literally have one phone as your business phone and cell phone. Not to mention having two left the ability to input many more contacts. It has a quad-core highspeed processor running at around 2 GHz (slightly less then the most powerful phones out there) and runs 4G. The video and picture levels on the phone are HD 1080 DPI and takes truly beautiful pictures, digital camera level. The phones MSRP value is $309.00 this is almost a third of the more popular competitors and the phone is completely unlocked. Unlocked means no contract is necessary you can literally pay as you go, pre-pay, or be in a contract if you prefer.

CellAllure The Book Review

South American Ad for CellAllure's The Book

A YouTube ad for CellAllure Smartphone "The Book" in Spanish. The Book has very similar specs to The Monster. The screen is a little smaller, coming in at 5.7 inches, but it is still surprisingly quick and easy to use. 4G 1.8 GHz Quad-core processor and Dual sim cards. This is another phone not to be missed or passed up on. It is a top seller in Latin America and has a youtube in-depth review. Now these reviews go through an in-depth look into the phones look and also its abilities. The quickness in it scrolling from page to page and touch coordination is very impressive. For a Smartphone that isn't from a high level name brand the level of quality could fool you. There is a presence of strength within the phone. Now unfortunately for us English speakers it is difficult to understand what is going on in the video. However, it appears that this company has been growing in certain markets for some very obvious reasons.

The Book

Beautiful phone MSRP around $250.00 Fully Unlocked

Smartphone to compete with IPhone and Samsung

Conclusively I have summed up enough data to see that with a push CellAllure could really gain on the dominant IPhone and Galaxy. Yes it is a tough market to break into to, but seeing there hold in countries like Mexico it is surprising that there hasn't been more exposure in the USA. With contracts still costing ridiculous amounts of money an unlocked phone for this kind of price is unheard of. More importantly grasping a phone with those specs at a third the price is a truly rare opportunity. Yet, the opportunity will be missed if some real brand recognition isn't gained. The company needs to get some exposure if it's going to compete with the big time names. The goal for a company like CellAllure would be to do some very quick promotional work and gain some exposure fast. Do you remember Motorola and Nokia. Remember when they were competing for the number one stop? It's funny that we are just hearing from both those companies for the first time since there fall from grace. Maybe CellAllure can copy the success of the IPhone and Galaxy. You never know when then next fall from grace may happen.

The Vogue Unboxed by legendary vlogger J. Willaims

Unboxing legendary vlogger J. Willaims unboxes The Vogue and Lite S

We were able to get a review on two of North Americas first released phones which are going to be The Lite S and The Vogue. Now the Lite S has powerful tech and specs but is for low end buyers. It is in the same category of blu or Motorola's phone level but with a bit higher specs. It is for those looking to get an unlocked phone for extremely cheap. Finally The Vogue which is beautiful and stunning in action. The phone moves like a dream and deserves to be in a top tier category. It is a beautiful phone and looks and works in that fashion. Certainly a top tier choice for quarter the price of the upcoming new IPhone 6

The Vogue camera sample by J. Williams

Company growing quickly

With the website here in mind you must remember this company is creating smartphones that are not only on par with the competition but they also consist of pricing that is unheard of. Getting an unlocked smartphone for the prices the company is offering is something truly unheard of. It has been really interesting to see this company gain so much success out in other regions of the world. In my experience I've seen companies flourish in the United States of America and North American region before it blows up in most other regions. With the exception of video games I haven't seen this. Mexico and areas of South America have taken advantage of these well price smartphones. They haven't waited on the North America okay test that we usually watch companies take. In any case it has been an extremely interesting change from what we normally expect. Since the integration into the North American market there has been a blast of new exposure. One of the first people to jump on the opportunity to review the phone is J. Williams. He is a very well-known tech blogger/vlogger who's videos resonate on YouTube. Not only is he in-depth in his reviews but he gives great information and judges the phones fairly. He truly breaks down the specs and overall abilities of the phone. On top of that he also comments on the phones looks. Past video reviews other then cellallure.coms YouTube page have been from the Mexico location and have not been done professionally like this. On top of that they haven't been translated to English in order to give a viewer a full understanding of what is being reviewed. The company is now on and soon to be on Not to mention that will be located in stores like Brandsmart, Target, Best Buy and other stores in the near future. However, the best place to buy one of their phones is going to be They will be offering opportunities to stay updated with the company and see ways to get discounts and other opportunities only for online buyers. This company did not start of a smartphone company and has come a long way. In the beginning they were only a company that made accessories for smartphones. They created screen protectors phone cases headphones etc. Now they are making all those products for their smartphones. They come included unlike most phones that you buy today that give you nothing. This company really is the greatest thing to come out for smartphones especially with there optimum pricing and high tech and spec levels. Remember that this company will be competing in a very competitive market and that this is the most reasonable product for someone who's not looking to break the bank and still get an amazing top tier phone.

The Lite S unveiled by J. Williams

The Vogue Final Review J. Williams

Lite S final review by J. Williams


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