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CellAllure amazing smartphones for a third the price

Updated on June 17, 2014

CellAllures Smartphones look

Most of the phones that CellAllure release are similar to droids in looks. They have many different looks but overall they have some similarities in sleekness. They have quite a few different phones out and in many cases they look very different from each other. As far as options go they have a number of different products. Phones like "The Amazing" and "The Chic II"(to the right) are beautiful and very different from each other. These are well crafted phones in look and just taking two of there products you can see a wide variety of difference between them. Each one attractive.


Quite frankly I can't find a flaw with the operating system within the phone. Everything moves quickly and beautifully. Sliding from app to app or page to page for that matter is quick and done with ease. There's no lag time, one of the best qualities is the finesse and speed the phone displays. I was amazed to see something on an owned version of the Amazing. The wall paper of the phone was a video. When I first opened I thought I was in some sort of media player or on YouTube. I was truly impressed that it could run a video in the background while everything else worked as if nothing was running. The wait time on the phone is impressive as well. Meaning there nearly isn't any. When opening apps its just very quick.

Compared to Apple or Samsung

When comparing CellAllures products to Samsung or apple the differences aren't very apparent. Compared to droid they are very similar. The main difference is the brand name and the styles. However, compared to both of these products it appears to run at a quicker speed and preform at an equally high level. The main difference between all of these phones are the prices. For a third of what's paid for an iPhone or galaxy you can get a top phone from CellAllure and still have plenty of money in your pocket. Also CellAllure phones are completely unlocked. This means you can prepay, pay as you go, or have a contract. The option is completely up to you. This means you are not required to be in a contract.

Comparison Table

The Amazing
6 inch screen, 4g, 2GHZ, can carry 2 sim cards
Unlocked no contract 32 GB $219.00
Samsung Galaxy S5
5 inch screen, 4g, 2.5 GHZ 1 sim card
Unlocked no Contract 32 GB $825.00
Iphone 5S
4 inch screen, 4g, 2.4 GHZ 1 sim card
Unlocked no contract 32 GB $749.00
The Specs aren't that different but look at the difference in the price.

The Vogue unboxing by J. Williams

Which phone would you buy?

After looking at the data chart which phone would you buy?

See results

6 Phone line up with pricing

$ 225.40 MSRP
$ 225.40 MSRP | Source
$162.25 MSRP
$162.25 MSRP | Source
$280.60 MSRP
$280.60 MSRP | Source
$248.40 MSRP
$248.40 MSRP | Source
$191.13 MSRP
$191.13 MSRP | Source
$241.50 MSRP
$241.50 MSRP | Source

Break down of chart

Now think about the true use of a Smartphone today. It really can do everything and in fact it probably will be your computer and television in the future. The difference in everything discussed today is that there are something the Amazing is ahead in. Two contact list and two different numbers for someone with personal and business contact can keep that separate. Your regular and business number can both be programmed into one phone. Think about being able to put one number on airplane mode so it doesn't receive unwanted calls from business after work hours. There's a lot of small technological gains there. A bigger sized screen so you can do anything from work to watching videos and not have to squint. An unlocked phone for almost a quarter of the Galaxy's price seem obscene. CellAllure is really giving customers and distributors the most bang for there buck. If you picked up a contract the money you save from purchasing the Amazing over the other two competitors can pay that contract for the year. There just seems to be a simple choice for most people especially in this economy. In my opinion that should be going with a company like CellAllure and purchasing a phone like the Amazing. It is highly important to keep in mind that not long ago this company did not exist. At least not doing what it's doing now. Initially CellAllure was a company that designed protective cases headphones and accessories for other smartphone companies. Now that they are creating there own phones they offer free accessories with every phone. The company is located on and, soon to be on and they're adding a shopping cart to there main site Now it is important to know that we will also be within retail stores like Brandsmart and Best Buy, but buying it directly from will be the best way to buy and stay connected with the company and continue seeing updates.

CellAllure website

With the website here in mind you must remember this company is creating smartphones that are not only on par with the competition but they also consist of pricing that is unheard of. Getting an unlocked smartphone for the prices the company is offering is something truly unheard of. It has been really interesting to see this company gain so much success out in other regions of the world. In my experience I've seen companies flourish in the United States of America and North American region before it blows up in most other regions. With the exception of video games I haven't seen this. Mexico and areas of South America have taken advantage of these well price smartphones. They haven't waited on the North America okay test that we usually watch companies take. In any case it has been an extremely interesting change from what we normally expect. Since the integration into the North American market there has been a blast of new exposure. One of the first people to jump on the opportunity to review the phone is J. Williams. He is a very well-known tech blogger/vlogger who's videos resonate on YouTube. Not only is he in-depth in his reviews but he gives great information and judges the phones fairly. He truly breaks down the specs and overall abilities of the phone. On top of that he also comments on the phones looks. Past video reviews other then cellallure.coms YouTube page have been from the Mexico location and have not been done professionally like this. On top of that they haven't been translated to English in order to give a viewer a full understanding of what is being reviewed. The company is now on and soon to be on Not to mention that will be located in stores like Brandsmart, Target, Best Buy and other stores in the near future. However, the best place to buy one of their phones is going to be They will be offering opportunities to stay updated with the company and see ways to get discounts and other opportunities only for online buyers. This company did not start of a smartphone company and has come a long way. In the beginning they were only a company that made accessories for smartphones. They created screen protectors phone cases headphones etc. Now they are making all those products for their smartphones. They come included unlike most phones that you buy today that give you nothing. This company really is the greatest thing to come out for smartphones especially with there optimum pricing and high tech and spec levels. Remember that this company will be competing in a very competitive market and that this is the most reasonable product for someone who's not looking to break the bank and still get an amazing top tier phone.

Lite S unboxing by J. Williams

Lite S final review

The Vogue Final Review by J. Williams

The Vogue

The Vogue CellAllure
The Vogue CellAllure


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    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      It is really a great option, I recently broke down the new IOS platform and honestly unless you have money to burn it just seems like too much for not much increase in technology. I'm telling you these phones are impressive at Cellallure. Thank you for reading and commenting

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 

      4 years ago from Western NC

      Pretty cool. I'm an apple fan myself, but after reading, I'd consider a non-apple phone. I do like a phone that just "works" and it sounds like these do. :)

    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Yes I found this company and was in shock that everything they have is cheap and really good. I mean the stuff they offer rivals other phones and it is literally 1/3 to 1/4 the price. If you are interested I have article on two of there newer phones that there trying to push especially hard here in the US. for the Lite S and

      The Vogue. It's crazy how good and inexpensive these phones are! Thank you for your comment LilMiss

    • lilmissmontana profile image

      Erin Nichols 

      4 years ago from Montana

      Wow! I have never heard of this company, but I spent a lot of money on my iPhone 5s and now I will be looking into this company when I go to upgrade. It's truly insane how much a smart phone costs. I spent more on my phone than my tablet. That's kind of sad! Awesome, useful post!

    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Thank you for the vote and insight on style, the service is any provider one chooses or pay as you go or pre paid. See the phone comes unlocked meaning you are free to choose the way in which you want to get service. Any provider you want works, it's up to you. It offers you choice in this way.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      4 years ago from New York

      I voted up, useful, and interesting. Nicely done Joe. You provide your reader with good information and supplement with nice pictures. The only thing missing is "carriers". Is CellAllure its own carrier? If so what is the reception like?

      I think this is a truly helpful article.

    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Thank you, I mean honestly to have such a good product with so little recognition doesn't seem right to me so I think it is a must that people go out and give the CellAllure company a shot. Working out is tough but so very worth it for your body and mind. Thank you for the vey kind words

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 

      4 years ago from Miami Florida

      The body work hub is excellent. The body builders pictures look good. It is a lot of time consuming and so much dedication to the work out. It is good to know how to work out and make it even. Thank you for the information Mr. Joe.

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 

      4 years ago from Miami Florida

      I like a few of your articles. I had a chance to read. The phone companies are going to love you for all the work you did . I like the I phones. You did a great job on your hubs. Keep up the good work. Thanks for writing Mr. Joe.


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