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CellAllure set to release the Amazing 2

Updated on May 23, 2014

CellAllure's The Amazing II

The Amazing was a very powerful piece of equipment running at around 1.5 GHz at its release. Now a couple years later it's still a huge seller over in different areas of South America. Mexico was said to have bought more Amazing's then the company could handle at the time. It was often said to be regarded as a favorite smartphone in many households. During the growth period in Latin America, The Amazing became very different then other smartphones available at the time. It's screen is a whopping 6 inches. Nearly the screen size of a smaller tablet. This made the phone very useful as it nearly made a tablet unnecessary. Running on a Quad-core Processor strong enough to fuel most tablets it offered much to consumers. Through the companies success in South America it has sought to try to repeat that success and make a push into markets worldwide, and get a hold on the US.

The Amazing II

The Amazing II

The company CellAllure is an American Based company and hopes to gain a stronger holding within it's region. While at the CES convention they were able to increase there name and overall exposure. The Amazing II is a step forward keeping the screen at 6 inches and increasing the GHz level to near the 2.0 marker. With 6” LCD display you have the ability to Capture life’s moments in vivid detail. It has a built-in HD camcorder. The beauty is not only in the pictures it takes, which are in 1080p, but the videos as well. Now containing internal ram the phones high speed capabilities reach new limits. Though the phone is large in size it is extremely light in weight. As with all of CellAllures smartphone products there is an inclusion of a case with every phone and they continue to do the with The Amazing II.

CellAllure VS HTC


The Amazing 2 vs HTC One Max 4G

The HTC is a similar phone with similar processing power. It's power is slightly in GHz over the Amazing II yet it's screen is slightly smaller and it seems to run at an equal speed. Now HTC is not a new competitor to the smartphone industry. Initially They also have a brand name that everyone trust. If not trust at least know. It come down to product awareness in certain situations. Here in the USA it is difficult to say whether or not the company will get the press it deserves during this time. A phone like the HTC will certainly be in magazines and all over the internet and news. If exposure is the game that is being played then CellAllure needs more press. Spec wise we have similar phones. Where it changes a lot is pricewise. Pricewise there really is no comparison between the two smartphones. An Unlocked version of the HTC will cost $699.99. The Amazing two comes in at less then half that. The Amazing II would compete at $320.00. The price difference here is the real difference between these phones. You would pay about $379.00 more in order to gain a Brand name. What I'm trying to say by that is you are basically spending money because you know there is safety within the HTC name. But at that kind of price you could purchase 2 Amazing II's which would be completely unnecessary. Each Amazing II comes with a dual sim compatibility meaning you can already have two phone numbers in one phone with a completely separate list of contacts. Two Amazing II's would be like buying four phones.

Spec War

The Amazing II
HTC One Max 4G
Different Names
6 inch screen
6 inch screen
2.0 GHz
2.1 GHz
basically the same
Very different
What's the difference other then price and name.

CellAlure VS HTC

Is price or Brand name more important

See results

Price or Brand-name

In this poll I'd like to have people determine which is more important, Brand-name or price. Obviously this will differ based off demographics like wealthy, middle class, poor. I want a collective amount of data though. I assume most of the country ranges in the middle to lower class anyway. So with this being said I think there should be some brutal honesty involved in this poll. The poll should be able to determine which is more important. I feel that is clear that an answer here really could determine the future of both of these companies.


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