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Challenges in internet safety for parents

Updated on February 17, 2011

The internet is an area that is accessible to people from a wide variety of locations, backgrounds and  ages. There is so much information, resources and tools that is available online that today people solely rely on Google and other such networks to get what they want and need. In such an environment it becomes all the more important to ensure that kids who are experimenting with the online world remain safe. Here are top tips for online safety for your kids.  

1.       Know about online safety software. Research and investigate reviews on online software available in the market and then opt for something that will work. Rather than blindly picking something choose one with the features and functions suitable to your child’s age.

2.        If you want to set guidelines for your child and provide a safe environment then you have to begin by understanding what is out there and how kids react to banning them from a certain website. It is better to have a discussion on what is okay and what is not and also letting them know about what consequences could arise from improper use of the internet.

3.       Get on the social networking sites that you know they use. There are popular websites which kids are using to communicate such as myspace, friendster, facebook and so on. When you are on the same site you can more or less have an idea of what your child does on the website and thus know what dangers are there, if any.

4.       Educate children about how to tackle violent, abusive or pornographic content. Instruct them to immediately turn off the monitor and not to press more buttons and thus spread the virus or the content. Get and adult and report the problem immediately if at a public library or when using a school computer.

5.       Disciplined and timely use of the internet. Ensure that you know the hours your child spends online and specify times for internet use. This will help to ascertain that your child is not on at odd hours and also be strict if a timeline if broken. Setting clear boundaries are important to your child’s safety.

6.       Cyber stalking and cyber crime: The internet is too large a space and network to pinpoint the defaulters or criminals immediately. Thus it becomes important to ensure that you know what is happening, and also what kind of information is available to an external viewer. These days face book and twitter lets the whole world know where someone is, what they are doing and who with exact precision every time making easy targets for cyber stalkers and cyber crime.


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    • slc334 profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Sonia, I guess good parenting is better than a technological solution anyday!

    • soniafernandez profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Bangalore

      It is important to have clear rules on what is acceptable behavior and what is not, If you are giving a child a smart phone do so at an age where he or she is mature enough to use it in a responsible manner.

    • slc334 profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the great hub, it was very interesting. In these days of smartphones, how would you suggest keeping tabs on what is going on with your child, while not invading their privacy?


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