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Chasing The Dragon Authentic Rig Gear

Updated on May 2, 2012
Dont forget this symbol.  You will be seeing a lot of it.
Dont forget this symbol. You will be seeing a lot of it.

Chasing The Dragon-Clothes You Want To Wear All Day Long

When it comes to finding some of the very best authentic clothing that is catered to the men and women of the oil patch you need go any further then Chasing The Dragon Authentic Rig Gear.

Today you will be getting a walk through some of the coolest clothing ever offered to anyone. The clothing and accessories you will learn about do cater towards your typical rough neck but once you get a chance to explore the clothes you will see that anyone would be excited to wear clothes from Chasing The Dragon.

This capture Patch Pride Beautifully
This capture Patch Pride Beautifully

Its Not Just A Job Its A Life Style

The title of this capsule says a lot. Being a rigger is an entire different world as anything else out there.

A plumber is a plumber, an accountant is an accountant but a rigger is a different way of living. The world of the oil patch is most definatly a place where the men are seperated from the boys. In this business there is no in between. Either you have what it takes or you move on and never look back.

When I say anyone can be a Doctor I mean it but when I say not everyone can be a rigger I also mean it. The oilpatch requires a certain attitude to survive.

That attitude is portrayed very well in the clothes of Chasing The Dragon Authentic Rig Gear

The Shirt With All The Attitude
The Shirt With All The Attitude | Source

Every Rig Needs A Roughneck

Every rig needs a roughneck is a saying that came out many years ago. Of course every single person out there is an important part of what makes the oil patch work but anyone that has worked on a rig knows that without the roughneck the rig would stand still.

Again this is an attitude that is very strong. Most rough necks have an attitude that most mothers would like to slap right off their faces.

The problem is this attitude is needed to work in fridgid temperatures including hot and cold. Working in rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind mud and what ever else mother nature can throe at them. You see the oil patch doesnt have what we know as a snow day or anything like that. You get up and go to work and then you do it all over again.

Chasing The Dragon Authentic Rig Gear has that same attitude when it comes to portraying the attitude on its clothing. They want everyone to be able to walk down the street and feel uber cool about the clothes they are wearing.

Chasing The Dragon Owners

The owners of Chasing The Dragon Authentic Rig Gear are just a couple of people that are trying to make an honest living doing an honest job.

Chasing the Dragon is not an affiliate site or anything like that. I am helping them get there store noticed because I want to.

I am in my 21st year in the oilpatch and there is nothing I would change. So just so you know if you buy a tshirt or something off their website I am not getting a percentage or anything like that.

I personally wear a lot of Chasing The Dragon Authentic Rig Gear because the style and quality is second to none.

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    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 5 years ago from Canada

      In a few days they will be revealing a lo of new clothing on their website. Yes this is clothing with an attitude. I wouldnt promote them if I didnt like them. I wear their brand every single day.

    • profile image

      DigbyAdams 5 years ago

      This clothing is certainly filled with attitude. I have never heard of the brand before, but you certainly seem to know what your talking about, so I will check out their site!