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Cheap 3D TVs For Sale

Updated on May 28, 2011

There's a new technological revolution happening; it's happening slowly, not as quick as, say, when TVs were first invented into the world, but it's happening. 3D TVs are the revolution; they are beginning to move from the big screen (where we were wowed by Avatar and other movies) and onto the small screen within our homes.

Some of us are against the idea of wearing 3D glasses to watch our home 3D TV; but that's going to change too. 3D without glasses is very much a possibility, one that, within the next few years, will be the market standard.

But what about now?

Some of us can't wait - we need the current technology in our hands, in our homes. Luckily 3D TVs have evolved drastically in just the last year. 3D TVs which were almost double normal LCD TVs are now coming down in price; in fact it's even possible to find cheap 3D TVs.

Care to take a look?


Buy Cheap 3D TVs

First thing first - we need to set the ground rules of what is cheap within the 3D realm.  Since 3D technology is still new and not fully developed it's not nearly as cheap as some HD TVs, or LCD TVs.  This doesn't mean you can't find any cheap 3D TVs for sale; I'm sure trying to put it into perspective for you.

So what's cheap?

The cheapest 3D TVs for me, and probably for you, are 3D TVs under $2000.  Anything above that price and I would rather wait for the technology to develop.  The best 3D TVs, however, are not as you would expect and above that price line; many of the best 3D TVs are cheap 3D TVs.

Samsung 50-Inch 3D Plasma HDTV

The first cheap 3D TV for sale I would like to show you in the Samsung 50-inch.  This 3D Samsung TV is dubbed '3D Ready' which, for all our intents and purposes, means it's a 3D TV.

With a 50 inch screen with Plasma playback, this TV is good even with out the 3D technology; watching HD movies on a big screen like this is almost as good as going to the movies.  It comes with 1080p Full HD resolution - which actually translates into better 3D viewing - which is perfect for HD movies and HD gaming. 

One of the best features of the Samsung 50-inch 3D Plasma is that it is made with a Crystal Full HD engine.  This is a new piece of technology that, by unifying all of the image technology into the TV, terminates a lot of distortion. 

To watch 3D on this 50-inch all you need is a blu-ray player or PS3, some 3D glasses, and some 3D content (The PS3 has downloaded 3D content). 

Mitsubishi WD-60638 60-Inch 1080p 3D-Ready DLP HDTV

This is by far the cheapest 3D TV on the market and the best thing about this cheap 3D TV is that none of the quality is detracted from it; in fact is has some areas where the quality is even sharper than most TVs. 

First off: it's 60 inches.   Let me say it again - 60 inches.  This is big.   Really big.  Just watching normal television on this Mitsubishi TV will be an enhanced experience, and 3D TV will be even more invigorating.

The TV uses DLP technology which is up 1000 times faster than LCD technology.  This gives you a sharper and much more realistic 3D, and HDTV, viewing experience.  With 1080p for HD gaming, and 6-color processor for enhanced color and screen clarity, this cheap 3D TV for sale is almost a must buy. 

Sony BRAVIA 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D-Ready LED HDTV, Black

The next cheap 3D TV for sale is the Sony LED 3D TV.  This is one of the more expensive cheap 3D TVs (I know - an oxymoron), but is also one of the best 3D TVs money can buy.  The features tell all.


  • LED Backlight technology
  • 3D in HD
  • Fast Frame Rate
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Stream Movies and TV instantly
  • BRAVIA Engine 
  • Energy Saving Switch 

Panasonic 42-Inch 1080p Full HD 3D/2D THX Certified Plasma Television, Black

The last cheap 3D TV for sale that I would like to talk about is the Pansonic 42-inch. This is the middle of the road 3D TV, one that doesn't have any of the extra features, but one that is solid and won't let you down. In other words - it gets the job done.

The 3D technology is this Panasonic TV is slightly different then most 3D TVs. It uses what is called frame sequential technology. This technology works by sending different images to the left and right eye; it does this at about 60 frames per second which is fast enough that your eyes won't be able to tell the difference. This 3D technology gives you a much clearer 3D image that is comparable to full-fledged HD TV.

The TV also includes a full Black Panel. This is a new phosphor technology which, with the contrast of black, gives a much clearer image.



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